Tuesday, May 30, 2017

When The Levee Breaks

With apologies to Led Zeppelin:

If it keeps on raining
Levee's going to break
If it keeps on raining
The levee's going to break
When the levee breaks
We'll have no place to stay

Doug Wilson penned an interesting piece on the pro-wrestling-esque incident that allegedly took place in the waning days of the Montana special election where Greg Gianforte supposedly "body slammed" a reporter but he nevertheless won the election and will be a member of the House of Representatives. Such is the political climate we live in. Apparently Doug knows Gianforte from a shared participation in the Association of Classical Christian Schools, a well known white supremacist group (please note that was sarcasm). I don't know all of the details about the incident, it was breathlessly reported by the "mainstream" press, which automatically makes it suspect for me, and it seems that the story is somewhat fluid and since Gianforte still won, the media has shifted attention to the White supremacist/Bernie Sanders supporter that killed two men in Oregon. Anyway I liked something Doug said about the general state of things in America right now (bold mine):

Nothing said here should be taken as cheer-leading for the deterioration of civility in our society generally. This is the case whether it is conservative > liberal or black > white or fascists > made up fascists. The restraints we have put in place over the centuries are not a decorative fence—they are a levee holding back a swollen river. Now in my view you have to be willfully blind not to see that this degradation of civility is being driven largely by the collectivist Left, not to mention that such corruption is largely rationalized and defended there. Now I believe that conservatives ought to do everything in their power to preserve the bonds of civility—and for the most part, I think conservatives have done a decent job of this. Expecting Gianforte to apologize as needed is part of that expectation. But it has to be noted, and marked, and noted again, that when the Left finally succeeds in blowing up the levee, they are going to miss it a lot more than others will. They should have done more measuring, and more thinking through who lives in the flood plain.

That is vintage Doug, using fairly simple language to convey a serious truth. The Left in this country seems hell-bent on tearing down some very important "levees". The right to free speech and expression used to be a hallmark of the academy, now anything and everything that might in some way discomfort even one person, real or imagined, is "hate speech" and must be kept out and if not kept out must be met with violence. How can we learn if we are exposed to ideas we don't like! Time to whack someone with a bike lock while hiding behind a girl, striking a blow for the freedom to not have freedom! Don't even get us started on the freedom of religion. You can believe (for now) whatever you like behind closed doors but don't you dare utter it in public and you sure better not try to teach it to your kids that we are busy indoctrinating teaching! But what happens when the right to free expression is fully gutted and then some actual dictator comes along and starts telling Stevie and Suzie (no gender should be implied in these names) that they need to keep their mouths shut or end up in a gulag in North Dakota? 

Black Lives Matter! Police brutality! Who suffers when the police fear being accused of being overly aggressive? It is not the police. It is not the suburban families watching their kids at soccer practice. It is the largely minority people who live in the high crime area who suffer when the police pull back and leave those residents at the mercy of the criminals who prey on them. In slaughterhouses like Chicago, New Orleans where removing Confederate monuments has not brought peace to the city and Baltimore where Leftist policies have been allowed to run amok are the same places where minorities suffer the most. The motto of the America Left should be "If you like what we have done with Detroit and Newark, just wait until you see what we do with a whole nation!".

Or what about the insistence of bringing in as many Muslim "refugees" as we can in the name of compassion? Somehow that has been lumped in with racial civil rights, women's "rights" like infanticide and the rights of the LBGTQ+ sexual deviants. I wonder what civil rights leaders would think of their movement being co-opted by professional race hustlers and men who like to dress like women? It is bitterly ironic that those who champion unlimited Muslim immigration are the very people who would be treated the worst in a Muslim majority country. Sure you can say that Muslims in America by and large are peaceful and good citizens but they are also a small minority (maybe 1%) but that number is climbing fast based on rapid reproduction and immigration, and eventually they will be a significant portion of the population and when that happens, things seem to change. Look at a list of decent sized majority Muslim nations and ask yourself how belligerent, vagina hat wearing cat ladies screeching into megaphones or flaming homosexuals who dress in leather and simulate homosexual acts in "pride" parades would fare in places like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Somalia or Afghanistan. Actually you don't need to ask, we already know about girls having acid thrown in their faces for going to school or women severely beaten for being in public insufficiently covered or without a male escort, or homosexuals stoned or tossed off of buildings and gay concentration camps in Chechnya. 

My wife asked the other day why the Left would champion policies that will ultimately hurt their constituents the most, as Doug says the people who will end up missing the levees of civility the most. The only explanation that makes any sense is that the Left in this country and in Europe hates and reviles above anything else a certain type of person. That type of person is: male, white, heterosexual and ostensibly Christian (MWHC). In the fever swamp of Leftist revisionist history, that category of people is not responsible for the often flawed but unparalleled magnificence of Western civilization. They are instead responsible for literally every single bad thing that has ever happened to anyone at any time. War and famine in Africa? Blame the MWHC. A severe storm? Caused by "climate change" brought on by the MWHC. Any given person making a nickel a year more than any other given person? Blame the MWHC. Slavery, even though it was practiced by all sorts of civilizations for centuries and still is practiced in many non-Western nations? Obviously the exclusive fault of the MWHC. While I am being snarky, I am not exaggerating. To the far Left that dominates "liberal" conversation, anything that is not a MWHC and especially if it is in opposition to the MWHC is something to embrace, thus the strange bedfellows of Muslims and "transgendered", between blacks and Hispanics. It is an "enemy of my enemy is my friend" alliance of convenience and one that will collapse as soon as the MWHC villain is vanquished, which is not far down the road, and when the different group dynamics change and Muslims reach critical mass, watch out.

There is a very old saying. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Those doing their best to break down the structures of civility in America may soon get a taste of what that old saying is all about.

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