Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Another Interesting Video From Paglia

You wouldn't think I would post videos from an atheist lesbian talking to a Jewish culture warrior but here it is anyway. My wife and I have been listening to a lot of videos from Camille Paglia because even though I would disagree with her on a lot of stuff, most especially on her lifestyle choice, she just makes a lot of non-PC sense on a lot of topics. From homosexuality as a fluid behavior rather than an inherent trait to the illiberalism of so many "liberals" to the need for extended stable families for kids, she has a pretty keen mind and a no-nonsense way of talking about stuff. Prager kind of pins her down on the question of needing a father in the home and I think she knows that not having a father is unhealthy but had a hard time admitting it. It is almost half an hour long but well worth your time.

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