Sunday, November 06, 2016

Why So Many Leave The Calvinst Club

No, I am not talking about the doctrines that make up Calvinism proper, when it comes to that I am more solidly in agreement than I have ever been in spite of my more new found affinity for Anabaptism.

I am talking about the subculture that surrounds Calvinist thought, the subculture that charges around with pixels formed into torches and pitchforks to smite anyone who is insufficiently "Reformed". Calvinism attracts all sorts of people from all over the spectrum, I would argue as James White does in the video below, because a consistent hermeneutic reflects divine sovereignty, election, predestination, eternal preservation of the redeemed, etc. It also tends to attract people who are eggheads and argumentative, quarrelsome people for whom Calvinism is a way to lord over the little people just how intellectually superior you are. Like James in the video below I just have little use for the Reformed subculture and it is really a shame because I am sure a lot of people just reject out of hand anything to do with Calvinism without much study because they have run into a few of these frothing at the mouth types (and I used to be one, I admit to my shame).

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Aussie John said...

"when it comes to that I am more solidly in agreement than I have ever been".

Me too! I am completely with you on the rest of yours and James words!