Thursday, November 24, 2016

Feeling Thankful? Why Not Help Others Feel Thankful Today!

Most Americans are feeling thankful today, even those taking a break from gnashing their teeth over the events of November 8th. As a sign of our gratitude we are going to eat enough food to feed a village in Bangladesh for a week and prepare to buy lots of stuff we don't need. Maybe we can take some of our disposable income and help people who are probably more thankful than we are and have a lot less than we do. Helping others today is something we can really be thankful for.

This morning I sent small donations to the Hope Community Project, dedicated to keeping Haitian families together, and International Faith Ministries, another Haiti focused on education and health care for Haitians. To learn more about either organization you can click on the links above or watch the video below.

Who We Are from Hope Community Project on Vimeo.

It doesn't really matter who you give to as long as it is actually helping people (if you want to help animals, have another serving of turkey to cut down on the rampant turkey overpopulation). What the two groups above have in common is that I know the people who run them. With the Hope Community Project I know Les Prouty the executive director and Julie Brouwer and her family who live in Haiti from a mission trip I was on with her. With IFM, we know Durwin Miller, the Executive Director, and his family from church. I am a big believer is giving locally and/or to people you know and trust. It is easy to fire off a donation to one of the Wal-Mart style, "big box" Christian aid groups but for me I want to know who is on the receiving end and what they are doing with the funds I am sending (preferably not spending it all on staff and fundraising).

Anyway, give if you feel led to wherever you want. You won't go wrong with either group above but there are lots of great mission groups out there.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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