Monday, November 14, 2016

The Bitter Self-Loathing Of A Liberal Man Holding A 'Rape Melania' Sign

So as you might recall, Donald Trump won the election last week. You might not have heard anything about it unless you really pay close attention to the obscure news items. Anyway, after the legally held elections Donald Trump was the victor, just like Barack Obama twice before him, and George W. Bush, and William Clinton get the picture. This has not set well with the entitlement class and many of them are freaking out in a variety of ways including a number of "protests". Last night a charming "progressive" fella was photographed holding up a charming sign:

Rape Melania. Hoo boy that is some clever political commentary right there.

Which begs the question, what sort of filth would go out in public with a sign calling for the rape of the soon to be First Lady or really of any woman for that matter? After all, aren't Republicans the party of woman hating? What noble progressive purpose could it hold?

Maybe none.

Ready for some amateur pop psychoanalysis?

It has been my position for a long time that many liberal men who profess their devotion to the cult of feminism in fact a) more or less openly hate themselves and b) secretly hate women. Their politics prevent them from saying the nasty things about women that they are thinking unless a prominent conservative woman comes along and then they are fair game. For example, witness the ugly stuff said to and about Sarah Palin for daring to be a prominent woman in politics for the "wrong" party. You can see some charming examples of this here and here. If you are feeling especially brave you can look here at The Daily Kos, a cesspool of leftist ignorance, reporting on female feminists taking "progressive" men like Bill Maher to ask. Be forewarned that the language in the report is grotesque and vulgar and the general content on The Daily Kos is breathtakingly stupid and misinformed. I am no fan of Sarah Palin but as a man I don't think wishing harm to her or her children is funny or clever.

I say these "men" who say such vicious stuff about women while parading their own self of superiority for being so enlightened hate themselves because they have, consciously or unconsciously, abdicated their masculinity in the service of a misguided political philosophy. In other words the have emasculated themselves and are enraged by it. I believe they secretly hate women because they blame women for their own self-emasculation and thus they jump at any chance to say the vicious things in their heart about women when they can target without fear of repercussion from feminists.

Men and women are created distinctly and in a complementary way. We are wired differently by design. When you try to deny and defile that created order it has deep consequences, just as defiling human sexuality via various sexually deviant behaviors like homosexuality, pedophilia, incest, etc. is a sign of and a contributing factor to deep psychological disorder. Men who willingly cede to women what they are created for cause some sort of dissonance that occasionally manifests itself in holding a "Rape Melania" sign. Someone who would do that hates women and hates himself.

There are plenty of ways to work in opposition to Donald Trump and people on both sides of the political spectrum will do so. Threatening or wishing his wife to be sexually assaulted isn't one of them. Hopefully this guy gets some therapy and at some point grows up and becomes an actual man who cares for, protects and provides for women instead of secretly loathing them.

See, this is why I am not a psychotherapist.

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