Monday, January 12, 2015

Five Years Later

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010, killing hundreds of
thousands, creating a huge number of orphans and displacing innumerable people. Things were unbelievably bad in a way that Americans can't really comprehend.

A year after the earthquake I visited with a team from the Haiti Orphan Project. Before I went I wrote a post, Why Haiti, that I think gets to why this country of all places has such a pull on so many of us. When I got back I wrote more posts, including one linked by the Haiti Orphan Project about why we should go and not just write a check, Why go to Haiti? Why not just send the money?. Please check them out if you have time today.

In the world of philanthropy, especially in the wake of disasters, five years is an eternity. A lot of new, more fresh and interesting, disasters have happened and Haiti is old news. The political situation in Miami is not good and Haiti still struggles with the same old demons. Thankfully there is some attention being paid again on the anniversary but the need is just as great. I am thankful for The Haiti Orphan Project, for those people who have latched on to the orphans of Haiti and not let go, not even when the news media and the church by and large moved on. I am thankful for new friends I met that have uprooted their lives and moved to Haiti to minister. This is a good time to remember that the need of our brothers and sisters ministering in the hard places for support doesn't go away when the news cameras do. Consider sending a donation or prayer or both to the Haiti Orphan Project if you can. Remember the people of Haiti, they need our still need our help and remember the church as it ministers to them, they need our prayer and support.

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