Tuesday, April 09, 2013

My least popular blog series! Back by absolutely no demand whatsoever!

Had an interesting discussion today on Facebook on the issue of gender and realized I didn't have my series on patriarchy in one place anywhere so I thought I would put all of the links together. Almost nothing I have written has gotten quite the same negative response as this series (other than perhaps non-resistance) but far from being dissuaded I think this is a topic where I have come to an even more firm position. It is unpopular especially among the house church/organic church crowd but I gthink it is the most consistent. Anyway here are all of the links in order for your perusal and almost certain torch-and-pitchfork comments.

Biblical Patriarchy: Introduction

Biblical Patriarchy: Defining the Issue

Biblical Patriarchy: Old Testament

Biblical Patriarchy: New Testament

Biblical Patriarchy: Common Objections

Biblical Patriarchy: A Conclusion 

plus a special bonus entry on "mutual submission"!

Mutual Submission?





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