Sunday, April 07, 2013

...and we're off!

The weather finally cooperated and with a couple of warm, dry days behind us I was able to get the garden tilled up.

As you can see the chickens are happy to have fresh tilled dirt to scratch around in.

We are expecting rain the next few days so I was glad to get the first pass done. Not much longer and we can start getting the rest of our plants in the ground. Hard to believe that it is finally (almost) Spring!


Aussie John said...


Autumn Down-Under! Still warm, but very wet for several weeks. Never-the-less, rather it that way than the severe drought of recent time.

John Mureiko said...

Being used to Texas weather for so long now, I think I'd go nuts if it took that long for spring to come around. :-)

Alas, the Lord is teaching me patience in other ways on the farm...

Arthur Sido said...

John M. I will trade the delayed spring for relatively temperate summers!