Thursday, December 27, 2012

Where All "Ministries" Find Common Ground

'Tis the season...for end of the year fund raising emails! It cracks me up that no matter how different a "ministry" might be when it comes to raising money the appeals are almost identical. Today I got an email from Ligonier needing almost half a million dollars (Ligonier seems to burn through money like the Federal government) and also from "Red Letter Christians". R.C. Sproul and Tony Campolo, united at last!

You should absolutely give and give generously, indeed sacrificially. I would just suggest you direct that giving toward actual ministries like The Haiti Orphan Project, a ministry that houses and feeds orphans (you know, the sort of stuff the Bible calls ministering) or your local food pantry or pregnancy resource center, ministries that are engaged in far more important work than pushing their own agenda and calling it a "ministry".

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Eric said...


You're being divisive. Can't we all just get along?