Wednesday, November 07, 2012

What do we do?!

The election that has absolutely consumed American religious culture for the past year or so is over and durn it, it didn't turn out right!

So the "pro-life" guy didn't win. Church, will we spend the next four years scheming, plotting and fund raising for the next "pro-life" savior? Or will we spend the next four years on the battleground where life and death decisions are made every day? It is pretty easy to rail against abortion from a pulpit and to nod in agreement in a pew. It is even easier to put a bumper sticker on your car or a sign in your yard. Pulling the lever or pushing the button for a candidate is the simplest thing in the world. Looking a young woman in the eye who just found out she is pregnant and has no idea what she is going to do? That is messy. That requires time, it requires giving of yourself, it requires being willing to be vulnerable and many times having your heart broken. Investing time, money, emotions in broken, mostly unregenerate people who rarely if ever talk to Christians is scary but that is the mission field we are called to. We are not called to hide behind political slogans and empty suit candidates.

Each and every Christian lives among those who are hurting, are hungry, are broken or are trapped in religion. Many of us spend Sunday morning with them. Those people don't care much about how we voted or the capital gains tax rate or which bomber we are building next. They desperately need Christ and the only way they are going to hear about Him is if we go to them. That is hard to do when we see them as opponents in our political struggles.

Bottom line, nothing has changed. Nothing would have changed if Romney had won. Nothing will change if a Republican wins in 2016. The Kingdom is not tied to the economic health of America and if this country fades away into obscurity the mission of the church will not change one iota. God can do just fine with the stars and stripes thank you very much.

More thoughts on this to come but the angst and garment rending I am seeing on Facebook this morning is troubling although completely expected.


J. Guy Muse said...

Did you see Wolfgang Simson's open letter to the church in the USA this morning? Very similar to your thought. I re-posted it a few minutes ago on my own blog ,

Jonathan said...

Great thoughts. The lamenting seems quite disproportionate in light of the "Grand Scheme" of things, doesn't it?

Taking a realistic look at what we are called to do as Christ's "emissaries" to the world is what we should be doing all the time. Puts it all in a healthy perspective.

Arthur Sido said...

Guy, I saw it and opened the page up but haven't read it yet!

Jonathan we are in desperate need of some perspective right now!

Anonymous said...

Then there's my reflections this morning. (Speaking of perspective)

Alan Knox said...

"We" have been in desperate need of some perspective for a long time now.


Aussie John said...


No matter how "Christian" people claim to be, there seems to be a common short-sightedness regarding these political matters.

King of Kings, Lord of all, Sovereign Lord, Almighty God.