Friday, October 26, 2012

More On Mourdock From Mohler

Al Mohler weighs in with his usual clarity and candor on the Richard Mourdock kerfuffle, The Mourdock Moment: Life, Death, and Lies on the Campaign Trail. As is usually the case when Dr. Mohler speaks to issues like this he brings a forceful but thoughtful argument.

The entire essay is great but this paragraph is just outstanding:

The issue of exceptions that might justify an abortion cannot be discussed carelessly. Furthermore, any reference to rape must start with a clear affirmation of the horrifying evil of rape and an equal affirmation of concern for any woman or girl victimized by a rapist. At this point, the defender of the unborn should point to the fact that every single human life is sacred at every point of its development and without regard to the context of that life’s conception. No one would deny that this is true of a six-year-old child conceived in the horror of a rape. Those who defend the unborn know that it was equally true when that child was in the womb.

It requires a muddled and convoluted mind to assert that life begins at conception and at the same time putting forth circumstance when that life may morally be snuffed out. Even the "life of the mother" clause is intentionally vague as virtually any pregnancy carries with it risks that are life threatening. Again Al Mohler lays out the truth...

First, when speaking of saving the life of the mother, we should be clear that the abortion of her unborn child cannot be the intentional result. There can be no active intention to kill the baby. This does not mean that a mother might, in very rare and always tragic circumstances, require a medical procedure or treatment to save her life that would, as a secondary effect, terminate the life of her unborn child. This is clearly established in moral theory, and we must be thankful that such cases are very rare.

That is a pretty strongly worded statement. Dr. Mohler admits that Richard Mourdock didn't express this sentiment very eloquently but he was at least trying to be honest, something those seeking to capitalize on this media driven non-issue cannot be accused of. I guess when you have nothing else to run on you try to distract the electorate.

I don't expect those who do not have hearts and minds renewed by the Holy Spirit and do not affirm all life as created in the image of God and therefore precious at every age and every stage of life to understand or agree with this mindset. What disappoints me is the reaction by some Christians who seem willing to make the same charges for political gain.

Furthermore, although this conversation is almost completely absent from political discourse among those who are "pro-life", there is the question of reconciling the idea of all human life being precious at every and any stage with the general acceptance of war as a legitimate way to spread ideals and policies. Evangelicals are one of the most universally approving audiences for America's wars of preemption and aggression and this bald hypocrisy is not lost on the world.

We have so far to go on this issue. Whether "our guy" wins or loses in November our mission to the world will not change and our efforts must not falter. Standing up for the innocent especially the unborn and affirming the dignity of all human life even when in a foreign country or a prison cell must mark every moment of our lives. Not merely or even specifically by voting Republican but in our actions and deeds ministering to the crisis pregnancy, in how we treat and support orphans and adoption, in the visitation of the sick, the widow and the wounded in our community. Affirming life is much more than words or bumper stickers or campaign signs in our yard.

The world is watching.

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