Wednesday, October 24, 2012

All Life Is Precious And God Is Always In Control Even When The Circumstances Are Awful

Here I go again with a quasi-political post but this has me all wound up. In the otherwise boring world of Indiana politics, a comment last night by GOP Senate candidate Richard Mourdock has the media all a-twitter. Here is what he said in response to a question about abortion and exceptions in the case of rape…

"I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is that gift from God. And, I think, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen," Mourdock said.


Now of course in this political environment those pretty obvious words have been twisted, even unfortunately by some people who claim to be Christians. Our illustrious State Democratic Chairman, Dan Parker wasted no time in saying:

"As a pro-life Catholic, I'm stunned and ashamed that Richard Mourdock believes God intended rape," Parker said in a statement. "Victims of rape are victims of an extremely violent act, and mine is not a violent God."

Set aside the idea of “my God” here. Mr. Parker, a supposed pro-life leader in a political party that has made being pro-abortion a litmus test, is guilty of bearing false witness, something that his church frowns on. Only someone who is borderline illiterate or masterfully dishonest would hear those words and come to Mr. Parker’s conclusion. I am hoping that people in Indiana are less susceptible to the sort of “gotcha” politics being wielded here by Indiana and national Democrats. I was probably going to vote for Richard Mourdock anyway, although I am considering Libertarian Andrew Horning, but now I am definitely going to vote for Mourdock. For someone who claims to be pro-life to seek to score cheap political points that come at the expense of the lives of unborn children is unconscionable. Perhaps Mr. Parker should read the genealogy in Matthew where the lineage of Jesus through Joseph the husband of Mary includes Solomon, a man conceived by the terrible sin of David. You think maybe that even in the midst of David's sin God was at work?

As I have stated before, if you say you are pro-life then that should extend to all unborn children regardless of the circumstances of their conception (a notion clearly lost on “pro-life” Dan Parker). Let me be uncharacteristically blunt:

Aborting an unborn child conceived as the result of a rape is punishing an innocent for the crime of another.

Here is a prime example of the muddled way that religious Americans view abortion. Is God only in control when pregnancy happens to a middle class Caucasian married couple that has already started painting the nursery and opened a 529 account? What about when the terrified teen girl comes into the crisis pregnancy center where I volunteer? Should we tell her that God doesn’t care about her or her child because she drank too much at a party and got pregnant? Should we tell the woman living in a motel to abort her child because the dad ran off and she doesn’t have much financial support? You can’t call children a blessing when the stars are all aligned and then turn around and support the dismemberment and murder of a child based on the criminal act of another.

Turning abortion into a mainly political argument has led to ridiculous discussions like “under what circumstances of conception does a child forfeit her right to life?” and statements like those from Dan Parker that are simply beyond the pale, using an issue of human life to try to undermine a political campaign and retain control of the U.S. Senate. We have brought this on ourselves and it is high time for Christians to stop relying on the ballot box to overcome the evil of abortion. I guarantee that there are opportunities for each and every Christian in America to give or volunteer at a life affirming ministry in their own home town. We need to quit relying on politicians to do what God has called us to do as salt and light in the world. Abortion is a barbaric, pagan practice and the only cure is the sin atoning blood of Jesus Christ. Only the blood of the Lamb can save the innocent blood of the unborn.


Bob MacDonald said...

"it is high time for Christians to stop relying on the ballot box to overcome the evil of abortion"

That's a good line. I feel the same about a lot of current and less difficult issues, like bullying, or obesity. Who gives us good health, mental and physical? But the contra-positive cannot be taken as given, that if you have good health (or not) etc...

Perhaps that's why so much of the Psalms are apophatic - instructing from the negative - like Psalm 15 (and Psalm 1).

But even from the negative we cannot learn alone. It is so vital that we are not 'alone'. Perhaps the starting of that inner dialogue with Emmanuel, the God who is with us, is the beginning of the difficult road to health, from blindness to trees walking to opened eyes.

Birth is like that (Isaiah 35:5, Gen. 3:7). It's curious to me that only in these two places in Scripture is 'opened' used in the niphal imperfect (passive continuing). And its a curious word (פקח) that is used for opening eyes. Opening eyes (that have a lid) seems easy. Opening ears (that have no lid) is much harder.

You write in the 'about me' page that your ideas change and your expression of them. This too is good.

The 'One who teaches humanity knowledge' and who 'wakens' our ear day by day is a good teacher and leads us into all truth - even in the midst of ambiguity and great trouble.

Unknown said...

Excellent insight brother, thank you! It seems to me that this would be THE defining issue to determine one's commitment to a true pro life position, unlike Romney/Ryan! Jim Aydelotte