Monday, July 02, 2012

Pardon the Interruption

Thanks to the recent storm I have been internet-less since Friday afternoon. I feel so disconnected! So much happened I didn't get to read about and so many people probably wrote something that was wrong that I failed to point out and correct! I plan to rectify that post haste.

It was interesting to see the reaction and response to the aftermath. On Saturday morning the Amish were out in force fixing barns and homes, cleaning up yards and generally in a frenzy of activity. An Amish friend of ours came over on Friday night just hours after the store and helped screw some roof panels back onto our barn. We spent a fair amount of time helping a neighbor whose husband has Parkinsons. Just a lot of people helping one another out, offering assistance and just generally muddling through. I wonder what it is like out east where the power is down in a more urban setting.

Anyway, lots to blog about with Independence Day coming up!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering why you were so silent. :-)

In any case, couple of things to catch up on over at Abnormal Anabaptist for you to critique and tear apart. I look forward to the carnage. ;-)

Seriously, though, glad you're all fine. And glad to hear about the community turning out to help.

Aussie John said...


Pleased to see you back, and that you didn't have more damage!

Please don't see this as rude. It's not meant to be, and I think you are the best person,I read, to whom I can pose my query:

"Independence Day". From this side of the Pacific, I have to ask myself,"What independence?"

Yes! I know the historicals, but, like most Australians, Americans seem in bondage to so many authrities,attitudes,objects, issues, preferences, sports, doctrines,and multiplying rules and regulations, etc.

Independence means, Freedom from control or influence of another or others.

Independence? From what?

Bean said...

Yea! We too were without power or internet until last night. Quite a storm!

Arthur Sido said...

Hey John

I don't see that as rude at all, it is a perfectly legitimate question! I use "independence day" strictly for it's legal title, or as it is more commonly called here "the 4th of July" by people who think it is just a random day off of work. My post tomorrow might shed some light...

Arthur Sido said...

Robert, no doubt I will find some good reading to interact with once I get caught up!

Arthur Sido said...

Bean, glad to hear you are safe, that was indeed a heck of a storm.