Thursday, July 30, 2009

A looming gender and age crisis in China

There is a report out from China Daily referenced in the Wall Street Journal and it contains a horrifying statistic regarding abortion in China. 40% of all Chinese pregnancies end in abortion. That is 13,000,000 unborn children that have had their lives snuffed out in the womb. That sort of carnage is really unimaginable. The number of lives lost to abortion every year in China is about the same as the number of lives lost during the entire Holocaust.

Even worse, that number, as horrific as it sounds, it might be far too low:

Wu said the true number of abortions is much higher than the reported figure of 13 million, which doesn’t include abortions performed in unlicensed clinics or account for the use of abortion pills in the early stages of pregnancy.

Meanwhile, China continues to see an increase in gender imbalance and will continue to see an age imbalance as their population grows older and that elderly population finds fewer young workers to support them. There is a very dangerous demographic trend in China that is repeated on a smaller scale in other nations: an overrepresented population of young men and a swelling population of elderly. To get a sense for this, it was recently reported just how dramatic the gender imbalance is in China:

A new study published in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) puts an alarming number on China’s gender gap. In 2005, it says, there were 32 million more males than females under the age of 20.

The cause is no surprise: A one-child policy combined and a cultural preference for boys that leads some prospective parents to abort female fetuses

32 million more males than females. Millions of men unable to find spouses. That spells social and economic catastrophe for China and that can only have ominous consequences for the rest of Asia and the world. The last thing the world needs is a nascent economic and military superpower, armed with nuclear weapons, with an economic crisis and an overpopulation of young men.

We have a smaller scale but just as pressing problem in America. In America we abort 1,200,000 babies on an annual basis. Those are workers who will not be buying products or paying taxes into the gaping maw of the social security system and the rest of the Federal government. We are faced, before we even start to think about adding an enormously expensive and undoubtedly inefficient single payer universal health care system, with an unattainable promise in the Social Security system. The system is already running out of money, a situation that is only going to get worse in the coming years as the ratio of workers paying into the system and elderly receiving benefits continues to tilt in a gray-ward direction. Fewer workers cannot support great numbers of elderly with the same level of benefits without drastic changes or frankly unreasonable tax increases.

The worldview that sees children as a burden on the family, the economy and the environment is leading to a world full of the elderly with no one to support them. How long can it be before the reality of this situation leads to calls for selective euthanasia, to eliminate the inconvenient and the unwanted elderly? That logic seems to work fine for the priests of the goddess “Choice” when it comes to unborn children and given how little we value life anymore, why not eliminate the weak so that the strong may survive and thrive? Undesirables are growing ever more expendable and where in the world does it stop?

The architects of the Final Solution would be proud.

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