Sunday, April 02, 2017

My Second Favorite Place In The World

I have written in the past about Black Lake, Michigan where my family has vacationed or lived for pretty much my entire life. It is the most precious place in the world for me. A close second is Rockwell Springs Trout Club in Castalia, Ohio. It is a pretty unusual place, sort of like a golf course with streams and pools stocked with trout instead of fairways and greens. It is a private club that sits in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the typical rural Ohio countryside of endless corn fields. While we haven't been there for a long time, it was somewhere I went often as a kid. At first I was too young to fly fish (the only kind of fishing permitted at Rockwell) so it was somewhere very quiet where I spent the day reading. Later as I got older I was able to fish so it was a day to spend outside, catching fish before having a nice dinner while our fish were magically cleaned and packaged up for us to take home. It is a beautiful place to spend the day.

Yesterday after a very long time we were able to visit Rockwell Springs because my parents were in town and my wife and I spent the day with them with no kids, just a nice relaxing day. It was kind of chilly and gloomy in the morning but turned into a nice day. I didn't fish and didn't even take my fly rod but I kind of wish I had now. Anyway I took a couple of pictures and videos from Rockwell.

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