Monday, May 16, 2016

What I Would Ask The President of The United States

There is zero chance that I would ever get to direct a question publically to President Obama. I am pretty sure I am on a bunch of lists that would preclude that. However if I could ask him a question, this is sort of what it would sound like in the form of an open letter.
Mr. President, thank you for taking my question. Last week your administration sent out a notice to every public school in America that demanded that every public school in America open their restrooms and locker rooms for both genders to anyone who claimed to be that gender, regardless of their actual biological gender. As part of this letter you threatened to withhold from any schools that failed to comply Federal education funding totaling billions of dollars, funds that originated in the same states you are threatening. This letter and policy is done without the benefit of a legislative action and occurs within the framework of prior legislation that was never envisioned by those that passed it to be used to force schools to allow boys into girl's restrooms and locker rooms and vice versa.
Mr. President, you have two daughters, Malia and Natasha. One is 18 and the other is 16, so what we would generally consider school aged. Your daughters attend the highly prestigious Sidwell Friends school, a co-ed school that is clearly an elite school, unattainable for the average citizen based on tuition of nearly $40,000 per year, more than the tuition for my entire college experience (As a funny aside, the school's webpage lists the tuition for "Middle and Upper Schools" as "$39,360 (includes hot lunch)". Whew, I am glad that for $40,000 a year your kid gets a hot lunch!).
My question to you is this. Would you feel comfortable with your daughter Sasha, who is now 16 years old, changing her clothes or taking a shower with a young man next to her, naked in the shower or beside her while she changed her clothing? I ask because this is what you are demanding every parent in America with children in public schools subject their children to in the name of catering to a miniscule minority of confused and likely mentally ill students. I recognize that since your daughter is a) attending a private school outside of the scope of your letter and b) understandably tightly guarded for her own safety this issue may not directly impact you but it does impact parents around this nation who cannot afford to send their children to a private school. From afar you seem to care deeply about your children, as do millions of regular parents across this nation. I find it hard to believe that you are comfortable with the idea of your 16 year old daughter disrobed and/or showering with a boy, no matter what that young man thinks his gender really is. Thank you Mr. President, I await your response.
It seems a little graphic but we are past the point of niceties. We can talk about the feelings of "transgender" children all we like but in stark terms what is being asked of us is that the daughters of this nation stand exposed in their underwear or completely naked in the presence of a young man or men. There is absolutely nothing to stop a boy from going into the girl's locker room for laughs in his letter. Looking back at my high school days in an admittedly far more tame era I can think of dozens of boys who would have gleefully used the opportunity to visit the girl's locker room to take a peek. I can't imagine that is less true today. I can't stop a young man from putting on women's panties and a dress but that doesn't mean that boy should get unfettered access to girls in what should be the most private of settings. 

Some would immediately respond with outrage at the entire premise of this question. There is an unwritten understanding that while the President and other political and public figures are fair game for criticism, their families and especially their children are off-limits. My response would be that President Obama negated that rule and made his children fair game when he dragged the children of the rest of America into his own personal crusade to tear down and remake our culture in his own image. When our children become pawns in the grand game he is playing while his own children are safely ensconced in the most exclusive of elite schools, then he is the one who has crossed the line, not me. President Obama's daughters are no doubt precious to him but no more so than the children of the rest of America are to their parents who lack the means to avoid his mandate.

Like I said, I will never get to ask this question but if he were forced to provide a real answer I wonder what he would say? If he were standing at the door of the locker room where his daughter was showering and a young man tried to enter, would he let him and even open the door and invite him in? I suspect no but that is precisely what he is demanding the fathers and mothers of America do. Someone needs to call him on this, it might as well be me.

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