Monday, May 09, 2016

The Servile Fascists States Of America

Lost amid the noise about the North Carolina law protecting women and little girls from having to share their restrooms with deviant men, followed by "protests" by washed up musicians desperate for relevance again and the whole Target fiasco, was a news story that got very little attention, namely a threatened lawsuit by the Federal "Justice" Department that claimed that North Carolina has no right to protect women and children from perverts. Along with the threatened lawsuit comes an even more egregious stick, namely the additional threat of withholding Federal funds because North Carolina is "discriminating" against "transgender people". Now a year ago or even six months ago this was a non-issue. Men used men's rooms, women used women's rooms and no one was being discriminated against. Today? You would think that the Federal government has bigger concerns than letting mentally ill people use whatever private facilities they want, you know like an enormous debt, a Middle East in flames, an unchecked flood of illegal aliens. Nope. The most important issue right now is stripping women and men of privacy in the most private of moments.

First the actual issue and it is the height of insanity that this is even an issue. The Federal government is using laws designed to prevent discrimination based on sex to force people to share bathrooms with people that they don't want to and have every right to not want to. I don't much care if a chick wants to use the men's bathroom but I guarantee you that the vast majority of women in this country, and dads as well, don't want men in the same bathroom that women and little girls are using. The excuse that "it hasn't been a big issue so far" misses the point that it hasn't been an issue precisely because men are not permitted in women's bathroom and locker facilities. Do you really want your daughter to finish working out and take a shower only to have a guy with male genitalia walk in and stand naked next to her? I don't care what gender or species or whatever the guy thinks he is, is that something you would want? Attorney General Loretta Lynch complained that transgender people are being "forced" to "pretend" to be something they are not when the exact opposite is the case. Her Justice Department is giving absolute sovereignty to people pretending to be the opposite gender.

You see, the problem is that once "progressives" started to embrace deviancy they can't stop. So when something so patently ridiculous and dangerous as men pretending to be women using women's restroom and locker room facilities comes up, they have to champion it or look like hypocrites. It also means that there is no perversion that they can actually not support. If you think I am kidding just look down the road and you will see polygamy, bestiality, necrophilia and pedophilia being championed. Think that is an exaggeration? Would you have though a few years ago that "gay marriage" and men in women's bathrooms would be the law of the land?

Now the second and believe it or not more insidious and dangerous issuehas to do with the precedent we see of the cultural revolutionaries in the Obama administration using extortion to force counter-revolutionary states into compliance. Do what we say or we withhold money, in this case $4.5 BILLION in "Federal funds" earmarked for education. So much for the Democrats caring about education, kids learning takes a back seat to pandering to deviants. This is an outrage for a variety of reasons but here is the big one....

There is absolutely no such thing as "federal funds". The money the Federal government has, almost without exception, has either been seized from people who actually work at something productive for a living or is created from thin air via debt instruments that have saddled our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren with a debt they can never hope to repay. Of course leftist economists assure us that this is not a problem and we should borrow even more, all in the pursuit of the elusive beast of spending our way into prosperity if we only will spend just one more dollar (or one trillion dollars more) . So basically the Feds are saying to North Carolina "Do what we say or we will keep your money that we took from you under threat of imprisonment. It doesn't matter that your citizens earned the money, only that you do as we say."

Virtually every major law at the Federal level is designed to take money away from the states that make up this Union and horde it at the Federal level where it can then be held hostage for insanity like this. In essence the Feds come in at gunpoint to take money from the people and then sneer as the people come forward, hat in hand, to beg the Feds to give them some of their own money back. Actions like this, taking a completely unrelated law to force a dangerous and ludicrous situation on the people of the states, turn the Constitutional Republic that we used to live in on it's head. There is no rule of law because the law is whatever a small cabal of bureaucrats and judges say it is. The will of the people, the Constitution, common decency, self-government via voting, all of these are irrelevant whenever and wherever someone in D.C. says it no longer applies and they are saying more and more often that the people who live in this country, pay the taxes, create the jobs, build families and communities, these people are dangerous and must be leashed.

We are living days of the waning of America as a Republic and beacon of hope to free citizens. Don't get caught up in the shiny objects put forth by the entertainment industry to keep us distracted and passive. Something has to change and soon or this will cease to be a Republic and become a functional fascists state.

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Aussie John said...


It would seem that the whole world is caught up in a downward spiral,both ethically,morally,and generated from the hidden,and often evil agendas of those we elect, who have no regard for the voices of the people they are supposed to represent.

Australia is no different as we see politicians vying for the lowest rung of the ethical and moral ladder.

In this country, generally speaking, the populace are more interested financial promises by politicians which lull them into a false security,and which are impossible to finance, an over-riding obsession with, sport and recreation, at the expense of family and the welfare of their children.

Overseeing all of this is a legal system intent on preserving the "rights" of minority groups, to the detriment of family life, and safety of children.