Thursday, December 12, 2013

Are You A Pastor Or Just A Supporter?

These are the kind of things that irritate me. Last night I saw someone posting for a free e-book from Tim Keller. I am all about the free e-books and I like some of Keller's stuff so I followed the link to sign up. Then I read the sign up form....

So now there are only two kinds of people in the church, pastors and "supporters"? What does that even mean? Do clergy get a different e-book? Are supporters equivalent to laity? I marked pastor check box anyway as I try to care for and shepherd in the church even if I don't have a jazzy ecclesiastical title, favorable tax breaks or a reserved parking spot.

Turns out the free "e-book" is a couple dozen page .pdf file that has only 17 actual pages of text. Yeah it was free but in this case I got what I paid for, an oversize pamphlet and an inadvertent insult.

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Anonymous said...

Is this asking if you are a jockstrap holding up a part of the body?

I am confused?