Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My How Things Have Changed (And Not For The Better)

Sometimes the best blogging is the simplest and I love Dave Black's lists. This morning features a great list of bullet points, each one dead on the money and worthy of extensive study in its own right (and I would love to see him do a point by point on each topic below) about how the church has changed from the New Testament model.

  •  The Lord's Supper has changed from a celebration to a ceremony. 
  • Worship has changed from participation to observation. 
  • Witness has changed from relationship to salesmanship. 
  •  Leadership has changed from servanthood to professionalism. 
  •  Mission has changed from being missionaries to supporting missionaries. 
  • Body life has changed from edification to entertainment. 
  •  Buildings have changed from functional to sacred. 
  • Child care has changed from the hands of parents to the hands of strangers

All true I am afraid. Then he simply adds this:

The New Testament shows us that the need great of modern Christianity is to return to biblical faithfulness and the profound simplicity of the New Testament. 

Indeed. Many of us tend to blog in great volumes about the church but that simple statement kind of captures it. Anyway I don't have anything to add to that (well I do but it probably can wait!) but I think it is worth pondering.

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dle said...

Indeed, that's an astute list.