Friday, March 08, 2013

Next Step

As I mentioned we put a new flooring in our barn so we could set stalls up and we started working on getting them in place...

Interesting story behind the stalls we are building. They are super heavy duty hot dipped galvinized and we got them from my father in law. He has had them stored up, never used, since my wife and I were first married before we even had kids. We went to a sale in Indiana not really planning on buying anything and he ended up buying a huge number of pieces like this to make stalls. We had driven a pickup truck to the sale which was completely inadequate to carry everything back so we ran home after the sale to Ohio, grabbed his big dump truck, drove all the way back to get loaded up and then went back to Ohio in the middle of the night. He used some of the frames to make stalls but most of them have been sitting in the trailer of a semi for the better part of two decades. Now that we finally have a place and horses to use them and since he is not really physically able to do much with horses any longer we have been bringing them back to our place.

The plan is to set up a third stall next to the two that are already up. Obviously these will not keep horses in as they are, in the open areas we need to put lumber and bolt it in place to complete the frames. Luckily we are bartering with an Amish friend to help us as that is going to be labor intensive, so he will help us assemble ours in return for some additional pieces to make stalls at his place for his horses. Once they are up we will be able to keep our stallion and our brood mare contained, the stallion doesn't play well with others so he has always been a problem to deal with. With these stalls we can keep him contained and then if we want to we can put the other horses in stalls and let him run around. So pretty exciting stuff for us!

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