Sunday, January 13, 2013

What's Happenin'?

Well quite a lot! Just not on the blog. As only my most astute readers will notice my pace of blogging has slowed substantially. It is not that I have nothing to say, I have never suffered from that malady. No, it is more than I feel like I have nothing new or useful to say. I have so many posts half-written that I decided no one was interested in reading because I was only half-interested in what I had assembled so I just stopped. What do I have to say that I haven't said before? Precious little it seems. The church is a mess. American "Christianity" is obsessed with money, with comfort, with false security, with tradition and ritual. Christians in America seem far more concerned with their right to kill someone else, whether a mugger on the streets of America or a potential terrorist on the streets of some faraway Muslim nation, than they are with loving their enemy, taking up their cross and dying to self. Anyone not heard me say those very things before? I despair of change. We are outraged over the "assault on our religious liberty" and stand with Chick-fil-a and Hobby Lobby but seem largely unconcerned about standing with the poor, even the poor among the church, here and abroad. Have you heard that before? I often just want to throw my hands up in despair.

Blogging for me is both hobby and habit, and it is a habit that is quite easy to get out of. It is also a creative outlet. Blogging begets blogging. As I think, I blog and as I blog I think so more. I can rightly be accused of thinking about stuff more than actually doing stuff but that doesn't mean I need to think less but do more. Thinking and doing are not a zero sum game.

So I haven't died or taken a social media vow of silence. I have just been re-prioritizing some things and trying to find a happier medium. So more will come and I am sure it won't be new but hopefully it will still be helpful or edifying to someone.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Arthur in the quest to write the posts that I sometimes am unable to myself. Your work here means a great deal in my journey. Again, thank you.

Tim said...

I'd be interested to see your thoughts on your older posts - how your views have evolved, if at all.

I've found what you've written edifying thus far.

Enjoy your break...

Aussie John said...


The elusive "happy medium". Please tell us when you find it. After a lifetime of seeking it, I've never managed to find it.

I'm comfortable in that, now, but am still puzzled at what a "happy medium is.

By the way, I heard about a fellow who was charged with assault because he struck a happy medium :)