Monday, December 05, 2011

Mission Report

I really loved this report from D. Kevin Brown who just got back from Ethiopia where he was ministering along with two of his children, Where To Begin. I especially appreciated this:
I will try to write over the next week or so about the experiences of the journey and the things the Lord has taught me and given to me and my family in this process. In doing so, perhaps vicariously you can somehow get a taste of the work. But, I must tell you that I have another motive. It is to place a seed of desire within you for mission work to reach beyond the comfort, security and pleasure of our own homes and even our own borders to reach the world with the Gospel. I hope the Spirit of God will place a desire in your heart to do “hard things.” I pray some parents will see that it is just as important to send your child on mission adventures as it is sports camps/weeks, summer camps or academic exploits.
I so get that and it is my desire to take my oldest daughters with me next year to Haiti, not to give them a cool experience and some pictures to post on Facebook but to give them that sort of spiritual awakening that comes from seeing the enormity of the work and our utter dependence on God for the task. It takes a certain level of trust in God to take your children from the comfortable world of middle America and show them how the rest of the world lives. It is far easier to talk about missions from the safety and comfort of the youth room at church but the mission field is out there waiting and God has called us all, without exception, as His workers in the harvest.

I am looking forward to the rest of Kevin's posts and encourage you to read his first entry and the subsequent entries.

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