Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Da Beard

Dave Black linked to an article about facial hair that was kind of fun: Beards: A Hairy Topic in My Household. Especially so since I have elected to grow a beard now that I am 40 something years of age (see below). This may be the first and last time I post a picture of myself on the blog. I don't need to make my brothers stumble out of jealousy for both my awesome blogging and my sheer masculine presence. FYI, I don't have a lazy eye, I am raising one eyebrow.

 In many cultures, beards are a sign of manliness. Among our Amish neighbors beards are only worn by married men and some of the older guys have some pretty phat beards. Like the old Amish guys I have an abundance of grey in my beard

Admit it. You can feel the virility coming at ya, right through the computer screen. OK, quit staring. You are starting to creep me out.

I kind of like it. It is sort of rugged looking and also kind of counter-cultural which I like, especially in a sanitized, suit and tie evangelical culture. Not sure my wife likes it much but of all the dumb stuff I have done in the course of our marriage, this is pretty far down the list.


James said...

super awesome.

Anonymous said...

I have had a goatee for 22 years now. A number of years ago I slipped and had an accident in the shower. I accidentally shaved a chunk out of it and therefore had to shave it all off.

On of my sons friends said to me...Mr Bennett, you don't look so mean now. lol! I have tried to grow a full beard, but cannot handle the itch, nor does it look good on me.

P.S Real men have beards, a shed and a ute / truck. :)