Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dr. Joel Beeke on "Cultivating Holiness"

The Mid-Michigan Reformation Society: Audio from Dr. Joel Beeke

Check out the audio from Dr. Joel Beeke, speaking to the Mid-Michigan Reformation Society last night on "Cultivating Holiness". It was a very challenging and convicting but also very practical and encouraging talk. Check it out, I am certain you will be blessed and edified!


Steve Martin said...

Holiness comes from a gift.

There's no need to cultivate it.

That's the gospel.

One can cultivate radishes.

Arthur Sido said...

You should listen to the address. There is a difference between holiness as applied to justification and holiness as applied to sanctification.

Steve Martin said...

The late Dr. Gerhard Forde said, "sanctification is getting used to your justification".

I agree.

The 'holiness' churches are just another version of Rome.

Once again the focus shifts from what Christ has done for us, to what we ought be doing.

No thanks.

There is no cultivating holiness.

One is either in Christ, or they are not. If we are in Christ, we "have put on Christ".

You can't get any more holy than that.

Steve Martin said...

Here's a link to Forde on sanctification: