Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Albert Mohler on Andrew Newberg

Dr. Mohler posted some very helpful thoughts on the USA Today editorial I referenced yesterday. As always he has some excellent points and in addition he has also read Mr. Newberg's book.

I especially liked his closing paragraph that references the very odd recollection of Mr. Newberg's date (which appears in the book as well, must have been a pretty wrenching experience for him)...

And that takes us back to Andrew Newberg's experience with the family of "born again" Christians, who believed that those who do not turn to Jesus are going to hell. So far as he is concerned, this represents nothing more than a regrettable neurological process that erupts as a negative religious attitude. Of course, the question he does not want to answer -- and his scientific model allows him not to answer -- is this: What if they were right?

That really is the question isn't it? It isn't about how God makes you feel about yourself, it is who God is.

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