Friday, April 10, 2009

Not the pies!

Have they no shame!

Pennsylvania Pie Fight: State Cracks Down on Baked Goods

ROCHESTER, Pa. -- On the first Friday of Lent, an elderly female parishioner of St. Cecilia Catholic Church began unwrapping pies at the church. That's when the trouble started.

A state inspector, there for an annual checkup on the church's kitchen, spied the desserts. After it was determined that the pies were home-baked, the inspector decreed they couldn't be sold.

"Everyone was devastated," says Josie Reed, a 69-year-old former teacher known for her pumpkin and berry pies.

Sold for $1 a slice, homemade pies have always been part of the Lenten fish-fry dinners at St. Cecilia's, located in this tiny city near Pittsburgh. Similar dinners are held in church basements and other venues across the country this time of year.

The problem is the pies are illegal in Pennsylvania. Under the state's food-safety code, facilities that provide food at four or more events in a year require at least a temporary eating and drinking license, and food has to be prepared in a state-inspected kitchen. Many churches have six fish fries a year, on Fridays during Lent. St. Cecilia's has always complied with having its kitchen licensed, so food made there is fine to serve. But homemade goods don't make the cut.

As my sister pointed out, I would trust a pie baked by one of these ladies far more than I would something served at a fast food joint or in a rack of Hostess Pies in a gas station. Then there was this comment, sure to warm your heart on Good Friday...

Mr. Chirdon says the pie episode has shed light on an often-overlooked aspect of food safety. "I've gotten a lot of letters from churches that are tattletaling on churches down the street that aren't licensed and don't meet standards for food service."

Churches turning in other churches for pies and fish dinners. Perhaps they are trying to knock off the competition for their own bake sales?


Steve Martin said...

And we keep voting in these morons who want bigger govt.

And we keep sending our kids to school where they are indoctrinated into the "virtues of big govt."

We will never learn...and we will go down.

Many say it has already happened...the frog is cooked.

Arthur Sido said...


We don't vote for 'em and we sure don't let 'em have our kids!