Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The greatest gift you can give your kids

We finally broke down and bought ESVs for all the kids. When we read together, we were using a few ESVs, a few NKJVs and a few KJVs which made it kind of choppy. So we spent a couple bucks and bought each of the kids (except Victoria) their own ESV bibles. It was nice to all be reading from one translation last night, even though in Romans 8: 21 some of our ESVs say "decay" and some say "corruption", so they are a little bit different. The kids are very excited to have their own Bibles that they got to pick out instead of using one off the shelf.

I am also mindful of how blessed we are in America. We have probably a dozen and a half Bibles in the room I am sitting in. How many of our brothers and sisters around the world don't even have one Bible in their own language to read. How often are we neglecting to read the Word when there are people risking their lives to smuggle the Word to people thirsting for it? How many men died fiery deaths at the hands of Rome to bring us this treasure in English? God forgive me for neglecting and taking for granted this most precious gift.


Anonymous said...

Arthur, that's a very good point you bring up. I got a "Jesus junk" catalog in the mail the other day and couldn't believe all the different Bibles available to us. Yet we (um...I mean me) are so guilty of taking His word for granted. Thanks for the reminder!

Arthur Sido said...


I have been guilty (often) of seeing Bibles as an adornment, something to collect which explains why I have three different study Bibles from a Reformed perspective. I need to read mine more and collect new Bibles less.

Steve Martin said...

"Yet we (um...I mean me) are so guilty of taking His word for granted."

"I need to read mine more and collect new Bibles less."

I fit in there, too.
I think most of us do.