Friday, June 20, 2008

Two new books!

Two new books arrived in the mail yesterday from Reformed Baptist Academic Press, a couple I have been looking forward to for some time. The first is MacArthur's Millennial Manifesto by Dr. Samuel Waldron and the other is Covenant Children Today: Physical or Spiritual by Alan Conner.

Pastor Conner takes on the sole bastion of the paedobaptist view, that is that the covenant sign has continued from the Old to the New. It is a position that is tough to get paedobaptists past, so I am looking forward to this work. When you take that away, primarily by using Jeremiah 31, the already tenuous paedo position falls completely apart. This is a more specific work compared to other, more general defenses of credobaptism like Believers Baptism by Thomas Schreiner and Shawn Wright.

Dr. Waldron takes on a formidable task in his book MacArthur's Millennial Manifesto, not because it is very difficult to refute dispensationalism, but because he is crossing theological swords with one of the great Bible expositors of our age in Dr. MacArthur. On my initial reading of a few pages, it is a well written, very courteous but firm work that rejects the notion of Amils holding to a "replacement theology" and instead turn the debate to a more useful area, namely "what does Scripture teach?" I am looking forward to reading the whole book in the next week or so. I followed much of Dr. Waldron's argument on the MCTS blog, but it was too weighty a matter to try to read in a blog format. The book is much nicer!

Their works are not huge tomes (less than 200 pages), they are intended to be accessible to a wider audience and they are intramural works dealing with issues among orthodox believers (some may quibble about that with regards to Dispensationalism.) I really like the stuff put out by Reformed Baptist Academic Press, their books are accessible and inexpensive. One of my favorite little books, A Reformed Baptist Manifesto goes with me in my backpack wherever I go!

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