Monday, February 27, 2012

An interesting new series

Alan Knox is starting a new series on a somewhat familiar topic, Elders and Financial Benefits. His intro post is up, Elders/Pastors and Financial Benefits: Introduction and this promises to be a fascinating series. This does sound a little like an older series Alan did on whether or not elders should be paid salaries but this seems to be a broader look that goes beyond just salaries. From his first post:

In this series, I do not plan to rehash my argument concerning elders/pastors and salaries. (By the way, I will primarily use the term “elders” in this series. However, if your traditions uses “pastor” or “bishop” or “minister” or anything else, you can assume that I’m referring to those people also.)

Instead, I’m going to look through several passages of Scripture that connect elders and financial benefit. Interestingly, there are only a few passages of Scripture that mention elders at all. And, among those, only three discuss elders and finances together. I’m going to discuss those three passages in canonical order in four posts:

Acts 20:33-35
1 Timothy 5:17
1 Timothy 5:18
1 Peter 5:2
I am looking forward to the rest of the series. The topic of money and the incredible influence it has on the church is one that should be of interest to any Christian, whether you are a Christian living in the West where the hold that money has on the church is a daily reality or whether you are a Christian outside of the West who would benefit from seeing the mistakes we have made in the West in order to avoid them. Regardless, I would encourage you to check out his series and interact with it whether you agree or disagree.

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