Thursday, February 23, 2012

Christian Nationalism Apparently Not Just For Americans

Thought of my friend Christopher when I read this article:

Pickles demands return of Christian Britain

Eric Pickles has become the latest minister to demand a return of Christianity in Britain's public life, as he outlined a new community cohesion strategy today.

The local government secretary's comments are particularly revealing coming so soon after Sayeeda Warsi used a trip to the Vatican to launch a campaign against 'militant secularism'.
I guess Americans don't have a monopoly on this sort of silliness....although I get a kick out of his name and the title of the article!

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Drewe said...

Sometimes I wonder if a good persecution wouldn't be good for us all.

Some of these who call for 'Christian America' and 'Christian Britain', or even 'The great south land of the Holy Spirit' (Australia), need to look back in history at what happens when the state becomes a 'Christian' state. What we get is a bunch of people who call themselves Christian, and then go on merrily with their daily lives, only with the title 'Christian'. If one wonders where such things as Christian wars, Christian crusades, Christian persecutions of others groups comes from in most cases, one does not need to look much further than the Christian countries in the middle ages.....

We never seem to learn from our mistakes. One day - which I think is what we yearn for - we will have a Theocracy devoid of sin, and everything will be perfect - not just our worldy standard of perfect, but actually perfect. Until then, trying to make the world fit that mould will just damage everything!

I agree on the headline though... And as a sometime fan of the comic strip pickles, it could go very wrong from there...