Thursday, July 14, 2011

Saved by grace

I loved watching this video testimony from the members of the band Adam's Road, a musical group made up of former mormons saved by grace.

It brought back a flood of very familiar memories for me. It can be easy for me to get so caught up in what I am writing and reading and thinking that I forget where I came from, forget that just ten years ago God saved me from my own self-righteousness and my arrogance in thinking that I could earn my own salvation. I think it is crucial for all of us to remember where we were as enemies of God, dead in our trespasses and sins and how God saved us from ourselves. It helps to humble me when I start getting too big for my theological britches to remember that I was so deceived and so self-assured until God shattered that self-reliance so that I could see the cross and my own sins nailed there with Jesus. When you see God that way, His body broken and pierced for my our transgressions, it should humble us and take us back to the foot of the cross where Jesus made peace between God and those who were His enemies by means of His own blood.

Praise God for every single sinner He has saved in His sovereign will and especially those saved from man-made religion like mormonism!

If you haven't read my testimony, please do so especially if you read here periodically. It will help explain where I came from and as I look back help explain why I have such a visceral reaction to religion, to hierarchy and to man-made authority structures that come between me and God.

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