Wednesday, January 06, 2016

A Rare Show Of Spine In Higher Education

News reports came out today that indicated that Wheaton College was taking steps to fire hijab wearing professor Larycia Hawkins, the same professor who claimed in contravention of basic Christianity 101 that Muslims and Christians worship the same god. Someone that confused about Christian doctrine has no business teaching young adults who are seeking an intentionally Christian education. I attribute this show of spine largely to the outcry that followed her statements and the presence of Philip Ryken as President of Wheaton. Ryken is a solid guy Biblically, part of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, so I have to assume that he has had a positive influence on Wheaton as a whole. All you need to know about this situation is that Professor Hawkins held a news conference today and was not alone...

Hawkins spoke Wednesday surrounded by religious leaders, including the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Ugh. Jesse Jackson is a hustler, swindler and extorter. From the article I linked above it appears that Professor Hawkins and Wheaton have had a number of discussions about the college's statement of faith due to some other questionable beliefs she seems to hold. It might be time for Wheaton to do some additional discernment of their faculty as a whole because knowing that someone who is this far astray has been teaching for 9 years makes me wonder what else is going on.

Anyway, if you don't know enough about Jesus Christ to know why He differentiates Christianity from every other faith system in the world you might still be a Christian but you have no business teaching other Christians.

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