Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meds for Orphans

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to directly help some orphans? The Haiti Orphan Project is headed down for another trip in April (25th thru 30th) and they are looking for some children's medication to take down to the new orphanage, Village de Vie. It probably goes without saying but when Haitian orphans get sick they don't have a Walgreens around the corner with hundreds of brands of medication, making these medications both difficult to obtain and very expensive compared to the cost of buying them here.With a new set of regulations in Haiti now in effect, each orphanage is required to have a supply of medicines on hand and the new orphanage sponsored by the Haiti Orphan Project needs to get some supplies in place to stay compliant.

I just ordered some stuff via Amazon and had it delivered to:

HOPE C/O Keane Insurance Group
KIRKWOOD, MO 63122-4022

Took me all of a couple of minutes. If you order enough ($25) you can probably get free super saver shipping or if you have a Prime membership like me you can get all of it shipped two-day for free. If you prefer you can always buy stuff at your local store and mail it to Missouri.

Here is what they need (suggestions in the links)...

1. 3 (eighteen) gallon containers (here is an example):

2. Children's Tylenol liquid (or similar product)

3. Boxes of assorted bandaids

4. Tubes of antiseptic cream, any brand

5. Elimite/Permethrin Topical Lotion

7. Pepto Bismal - bottles or boxes of chewable tablets

8. Imodium AD - bottles

9. Rehydration Salts - are effective in a cholera outbreak, to keep the children hydrated. They can be mixed locally with water.

11. Children's cold medicine - any brand (tylenol, vicks, pedicare, sudafed, dimetrapp, triaminic)

If you can, please consider helping out by ordering some supplies or sending some funds. We often take for granted how accessible medication is for our children but there are many kids around the world that don't have access to some basic medicines like Tylenol and Imodium.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the Haiti Orphan Project via their contact page!

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