Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hell hath no fury... a cultist being mocked!

I guess cult leaders Victor Hafichuk and Paul Cohen don't like being mocked and having their false teachings called out. After a couple of posts on Lee Shelton's website, they suddenly came back with a lengthy diatribe condemning Lee, me, Spurgeon, Augustine among others with being false teachers (Uh, Mr. Kettle, there is a Mr. Pot on the phone, something about you being black...) If I am listed in the same category as a giant of the faith like Charles Spurgeon, I must be doing something right.

On a more serious note, some of cult leader Hafichuk's followers post their testimonies. This one, from Ingrid Benson, is heart-rending and shows starkly the fruits of following a cult leader.

Her children lost, her husband dead, her parents estranged from her, all the result of failing to be properly obedient to Victor. One of the hallmarks of cults is to seperate people from friends and family to better control them, and this "testimony" follows that exact pattern. Coming out of a cult like mormonism myself, the similarities between Hafichuk and Joseph Smith are eerie. I thought that men like this could not be successful in the world anymore, but that has been proven wrong. Pray for these men, and especially for their deceived followers, that they may come to know Christ and be freed from the shackles of this cult.


Sara Schmidt said...

A Note from Ingrid Benson:

A few things could be said and a few questions asked. For starters, what did Victor have to do in the death of my husband? If Victor had estranged me from my parents, would I have been free to call them to ask for their forgiveness and to tell them that I forgave them? Would Victor have brought up the bitterness I was holding against them? Much easier to keep me away from them if I am angry against them, isn't it? What about the cult my parents belong to (the Catholic Church) and what it caused and still causes them to do?

Can you show me, based on Scriptures, how what happened was not according to the Lord's leading - how it was not what the Lord was requiring of me? Since you seem to think that I am deceived and misled, would you like to show me how, based on Scriptures? If I am in such a dire place, should you not be willing to give it a try?

Paul Cohen said...

Arthur, many are the signs and fruits of a false prophet demonstrated in your behavior and complaints. Let me mention but a few.

Number one, you complain about what we posted on Lee's website, but there is no substance justifying your condemnation. The Law of God calls for two or three witnesses. Your single opinion, no matter how many theologians you think or claim back you, is still just one witness. You call on others to condemn us whereas they have nothing to say to us and offer no evidence. That makes you a false accuser and lawbreaker.

Number two, your shock and disbelief that men such as Augustine, Spurgeon, and Calvin are false, because the Lord plainly said there would be many false prophets, who would deceive many (Matthew 24:11). You say that because many believe them they must be true. That reasoning is contrary to the Spirit of the Lord and His teaching. It is based on the might of man, not the Truth of God.

You claim that to be mentioned in the same breath as the "giant" Spurgeon means you must be doing something right. By the same reasoning, if I likened you to the pope you would be even "righter."

The wisdom of God says:

"Those who forsake the Law praise the wicked, but those who keep the Law strive with them" (Proverbs 28:4 LITV).

Number three, you act as if it is sacrilege to publicly identify false prophets. The apostles regularly did so. You are a hypocrite because you call us false while doing the very same thing as we do, only in your case you have no substance.

Number four, you originally complained because I responded to your ridicule of a paper on our site, which complaint on your part was entirely childish and evil. You dismissed us as false teachers based on your conclusion that teaching Christian husbands and wives that they are under no obligation to sleep in the same bed means we cannot be servants of the Lord.

Even if what we say is not true, you have no valid reason for your approach. Paul did not dismiss Peter as a servant of God when Peter got carried away with the Jewish legalists, but corrected him. Where is your correction? There is none, just a derisory dismissal with juvenile jesting, "I immediately kicked my wife out to the barn," and "girls DO have cooties." Of course there would be no correction coming from you, because, unlike Paul, you are not a brother to the brethren. You are their accuser.

You read things into what was written, and leave things out that are. You condemn what you have made up, and bundle the Substance, along with us, to be burned in the eternal flames of Hell you so dearly love.

Yet this writing in particular has shown how, by the Scriptures, men of God did not sleep with their wives all the time, or as the rule. And certainly, in order to keep the Law of God, men and women had to keep separate bedding.

But as a true son of Belial, you mock and scoff at God's way and order. You are twice the child of hell, because born, not only of the treasure-seeking, lying scoundrel Joseph Smith, but now also of the lying murderer John Calvin. We are opposed here by a legion of religious devils. That is no problem for the Lord Jesus Christ, and therefore no problem for us. In fact it is the wonderful opportunity He has provided for us to defeat them all in His Name.

Number five, we have not dismissed anyone as a brother or sister in the Lord over the matter of sharing a bed with his or her spouse. We have taught a better way. The paper we wrote is for those who seek the Lord, who find themselves under bondage and could fare much better by employing the answer the Lord has given us. But, though we speak the truth, we do not compel. The Lord has come to bring us life, not more bondage.

You are the one compelling, the tyrant that ridicules brothers of the Lord and denies others the opportunity for the great blessings that come by believing and walking in the truth. You are the one found to be straining out gnats while swallowing camels, belching up noxious gas that makes the saints in Heaven wretch.

Number six, you accuse us of demanding people walk in "lockstep" with our teachings or we cast their names out as false. That is not true. We present the teachings and criteria of the Lord Jesus Christ and declare His judgments, which are not hidden from us or meant to be obscured from men, which is the work of religious frauds like you, as you prove here.

The True Marks of a Cult presents God's ways that He requires and commands of His people, as given in the Holy Scriptures. In there you will find that your specific accusation of us as a cult also condemns the Lord Jesus Christ, Who warned that He came to divide. You will also find many other things in which you are wrong, and you will not be able to deny or admit your wrongness in a single one of them.

And what is wrong with walking in lockstep, anyway? You are constantly condemning the holy things of God, calling them foul, and calling foul things holy. By Him indeed, the saints do walk together in lockstep:

"They shall run like mighty ones. They shall climb the wall like men of war, and they shall march each one on his way, and they shall not break their ranks" (Joel 2:7 MKJV).

So now, go read and see for yourself how you and your theologians stack up to God's measure. Telling us they are all right and you are right because they are is no different than a dog chasing its tail telling us it has caught its quarry. Even if it actually did, what has it got in its mouth? So what if you caught your own tail?

Paul Cohen

Arthur Sido said...

Paul as promised I published your diatribe. I will respond to you when I get a free moment, but your intemperate and hysterical language makes the point far better than I ever could.

Arthur Sido said...


First I never claimed to be a prophet, so saying I am a false prophet seems a little silly.

Second, the Bible describing something (Sara having her own tent) and presrcibing something (husbands and wives shoud sleep seperately) are not the same thing. If you want to sleep alone, that is your business but there is no Scriptural command to do so. Having this teaching "revealed" to you or Victor is absolutely unauthoritative.

Third, I don't follow John Calvin. His teachings are helpful in studying God's Word, but where he errs (such as infant baptism), I disagree with him. I read his books as an aid, but the only authority for any Christian is the Word of God.

(Ingrid, I wll get back to your comment but Paul's declaration that I am a "tyrant", "child of hell", "son of Belial", and other well reasoned and sober insults takes priority.)

Paul Cohen said...

Arthur, anyone who preaches a false gospel to one of God's sheep is a false prophet, whether or not he claims to be a prophet:

"Beware of false prophets. They come to you disguised as sheep, but in their hearts they are vicious wolves" (Matthew 7:15 GW).

"Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are from God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world" (1 John 4:1 EMTV).

There is nothing silly about exposing the error you present in the Name of Christ, or the treacherous spirit in which you walk. Of course it is natural that the wolf has no sympathy or care for its victims. It is entirely natural that the snake does not consider its deadliness something wrong, or care for those it injects with its poison. These creatures only do as they were made to do. So too do devils mock, laugh, and scorn. Nothing new or surprising here.

You continue to protest in vain as you lie, because neither Victor nor I said it was a Biblical command to never sleep in the same bed as one's spouse. You have made these things up and have filled in the blanks as you please, according to your wicked and perverse mind. Who can reason with devils like you? The Lord rebuke you, Satan.

Abraham was given by God as our father in our faith, so your argument that what he did has little meaning for us is not true. Victor also noted that Isaac followed in his father's way in these matters, and I can show those interested to know that Jacob did as well. It is true for you that these things are not of concern because you are not a son of Abraham by faith. You are a bastard. Bastards do whatever they like. So there is nothing here for you to worry about or consider. Shall we expect a devil to become a saint by trying to follow the fathers? Can a pig learn to bleat?

Regarding John Calvin, you certainly do follow him, because, just like you, to him it was all about doctrine. You are Pharisees all. Calvin murdered Servetus over doctrine, one of those being the one you mention, rejection of infant baptism. No wonder God said you would be crawling on your belly, you serpent, because you cannot get any lower in your despicable hypocrisy!

Fruits do not matter to you because your own are evil and you refuse judgment by God's standards. But so are you judged. You are not escaping; don't think so for a minute. And all those before whom you lift yourself up while you contemn the Lord will see your judgment and will know the Lord will not be mocked.

And of course you do not remark about The True Marks of a Cult because it has you dead to rights. You have been weighed in the balances and found wanting.

Paul Cohen

Arthur Sido said...

Actually I haven't bothered to read "True Marks of a Cult", so I haven't bothered to respond to it.

Let me ask you the question again, in the two thousand years since Christ's earthly ministry, has anyone had the truth other than Victor, and by proxy yourself? If so, who are they?

That is a pretty simple question, one that doesn't require a litany of diatribes about me being the devil/a serpant/a wolf/false prophet etc. etc. Just let me know if you believe any man (or woman) outside of your current circle has had the truth.

Paul Cohen said...

I have answered your question already. Add blind to the list.

Paul Cohen said...

"But if you are without chastisement, of which all are partakers, then you are bastards and not sons" (Hebrews 12:8 MKJV).

Arthur Sido said...

Ok, you found the word "bastard" in one of your versions. Congrats! (I love how you use different versions to find the one that fits in your argument)

You seem to be missing the context here, the context is not cultists chastising Christians but God chastening His children. I know you like to pluck verses out seemingly at random, but the Bible is not a series of verses that don't connect.

"Consider him who endured from sinners such hostility against himself, so that you may not grow weary or fainthearted. In your struggle against sin you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood. And have you forgotten the exhortation that addresses you as sons? "My son, do not regard lightly the discipline of the Lord, nor be weary when reproved by him. For the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and chastises every son whom he receives." It is for discipline that you have to endure. God is treating you as sons. For what son is there whom his father does not discipline? If you are left without discipline, in which all have participated, then you are illegitimate children and not sons." (Hebrews 12:3-8)

It is the struggle against sin, and the chastening of God for those who are His, that the author of Hebrews is speaking of. Looking over at Galatians: "But now that faith has come, we are no longer under a guardian, for in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith. For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. And if you are Christ's, then you are Abraham's offspring, heirs according to promise." (Gal 3:25-29) The Lord chastens His children, those who are in Christ, a group that by the grace of God I am included in. It is not because I am special or worthy in and of myself, but through the sovereign grace of God, a grace that creates humility in His children, a humility clearly missing from the writings of you and Victor.

Many, if not most, of those who you attack so intemperately are Christians, adopted into the promise given to Abraham, sons and daughters of the promise fulfilled in Christ. They struggle daily and are chastened by God. You rail against those whom God has saved. Romans 8:33 asks the question: "Who shall bring any charge against God's elect? It is God who justifies." Count yourself among those who brings charges against God's elect.

Arthur Sido said...

And that will be all she wrote. It has been partly amusing, but mostly sad. I am sure you gents are convinced that you are doing God’s will, but so are most cult leaders. What is really sad is that I can have intelligent conversation with deep differences with Arminians, liberal Christians, mormons, and even atheists but it is impossible to have an intelligent conversation with you when every response is laced with insults and personal attacks. Like many cultists, you are so convinced of your own superiority that you are unable to even interact in polite company.

Short of being called a big doodie head, you have thrown every insult in the book at me. Normally people have to spend a little time before coming to dislike me, but you have judged me and condemned me without knowing anything at all about me. If that is your idea of proclaiming the Gospel, we will all be better served by you staying in Canada where your defamation and injury to the witness of genuine Christians is minimized.

Paul and Victor, I rejected your last comment, and will reject any future comments. They have become successively more virulent and show no signs of becoming constructive. The last one was especially ugly and I decided to reject it instead of trying to interact with your hysterical rants. I should have followed Josh’s lead and cut you off some time ago. You already have a webpage to spew your malicious attacks. I won’t provide a further forum for you. Anyone who reads this exchange can decide for themselves the validity of your position. I shouldn’t have baited you into this exchange because it is clear that you are markedly disturbed. I sincerely pray that God will break through your stony hearts, and that if it is His will that He free you from your bondage, you and your followers.

Anonymous said...

This is for Paul, Victor and Co. and for anyone who thinks they are men of ‘God’.

I know Paul/Victor will be reading this site, so to them: - don’t bother emailing me, your emails are set for instant deletion. As for the demonic spirits attached to either of you - I REBUKE YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!!!!

Anonymous said...

I second that! Paul, Victor etc I rebuke you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Repent NOW and turn or you WILL burn.

(Arthur I don't know how you put up with antichrists like these!)

PLUS Victor etc your health related gadgets are a joke. I mean being an evil servant of satan is one thing but do you really have to add junk science to it on top of that? oy vey.

Jose Angelos

Livefire said...

I realize that this is an old thread but I ran across this joker (Hafichuck & Co) across several blogs and wish to comment. Victor and His crony Paul are a couple of old codgers trolling the internet looking for mindless minions and if they get lucky, a concubine or two. Ms Schmidt stated in a testimony on their site she "confessed" her sin of masturbation to Victor. I shudder to think what acts of penance or contrition her ordered her to complete! These people declare that they are the manifestation of the sons of God spoken of in Romans 8, however it is also written If say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us (1John 1:8) Victor and Paul are deceived and the truth is not in them. I dont have to judge the heart when merely being a spiritual "fruit inspector" reveals what they are all about. These gents so called have sown to the wind and shall reap the storm.

Matt Davis said...

Old blog post, i know. I want to comment on Victor and Paul. First off, im nobody special. I am flawed and am a work in progress. I spent too long learning from these men. I realized they were lying manipulators and i tried to show it to their followers. Victor and Paul sat back and watched as their minions verbally assaulted me. Hiding in the shadows like cowards, the way they accuse "anonymous". I would like to add that i spewed venom at them as well, saying many things i shouldnt have said. I tried very hard to show them what is now obvious to me. They feed on fear. They force you to stop thinking for yourself. They claim all authority over anyone who dares lend them an ear. Paul and Victor are everything they accuse others of being. Liars, manipulators, cowards, pharisees, and money worshippers. I sent them a check that emptied out the little bit of money i had all because they had me convinced bad things were happening to me because i didnt obey the order of God to tithe to them. I spent nine months thinking i was gonna die any minute because i wasnt perfectly obeying them. There is no hope for P or V. I thought there was hope for some of their followers but it wasnt so. They seemingly rejoiced in my soon to come destruction. A year later i sit here not destroyed and much better off than when i followed them. I have been blocked from without one bit of response to my emails to them. They know i am right about what i was telling them so they hide. Powerful men of god hiding from little old me. I am sickened mentally by all the mind control they use on people. I am still here Victor. Your god hasnt destroyed me or even made things hard on me. I hope jason is free. I hope edwin hasnt fully given in to you and your ways. he is the only one that even tried to have a conversation with me after our falling out. I cant wait till the day you are destroyed, Victor. You have turned so much evil on so many innocent people. How dare you. P.S I do not claim to be christian so my words arent meant to sound as if i am.

Matt Davis said...

Victor and Paul are the lying manipulating cowards. I finally was set free from the trap they had me in for nine months. Stay far away from them. Im happy they blocked me from their website. Even after our falling out i continued to read from their site. With open eyes its easy to see the mind control tactics they use. Nevertheless im happy to not be able to read their bullshit anymore. P.S i do not claim to be christian so my words arent meant to sound like i am.

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post but I would like to leave a comment for Mr. Matt Davis: Thank you for your courage and honesty to come forward and expose the true nature of The Path of Truth. Hearing how you were victimized by this cult and had to go through spiritual hell, my heart really goes out to you. Believe me, you are not the only one who were preyed on by Victor Hafichuk and his followers...many families were deprived of their loved ones, sinless little children were deserted by their mothers who ran to Victor for salvation, people who decided not to obey Victor were put the fear of destruction in their minds, and so on. Their mind control tactics are very cunning and subtle. I hope lots of people will read your comments and beware of this destructive cult.

Anonymous said...

I doubt my comments help many people. I read this exact blog posting before consciously deciding to follow victor. Not just this post, most of them that come up with a google search. What he is doing is a crime against humanity. I wish there was more i could do to shut him down. I have much anger towards him. He tried to steal something that never belonged to him, and i almost let him.

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank you, Arthur, for allowing me to communicate with Matt through your blog.

>I doubt my comments help many people.
Matt, I believe that the words delivered by a real victim who had an actual personal experience with this cult such as yourself are very powerful and credible. And I think you were already unconsciously trapped in their mind control scheme when you thought you consciously decided to follow Victor even after reading all the stuff about him on the Internet. I bet they knew that they could make you the next target from the moment you contacted them. That is how subtle they are.

>I wish there was more I could do to shut him down. I have much anger towards him.
Believe me, I understand your feelings painfully well. You have every right to be furious at him and feeling angry is an important process of healing. However, what concerns me is that you could be consumed by rage so badly that it might affect your mental and physical health. No matter how well you know about cult mind control tactics, you need professional help to deal with your deep emotional scars. Not just any kind of shrink, but a cult expert or a cult counselor. Look up on the Internet and carefully select one, if you have not found one yet.

Please forgive me if my comment hurt your feelings in any ways. I really wish there is more I could reality, I am so powerless, even though I do understand and empathize with you.

(P.S. Thank you, Arthur, for doing me the favor.)

Stephen said...

Mr Cohen wrote a horrendously horrible statement to me when I questioned his teachings, one that only a sociopath could have thought up. These two are very damaging, their teachings are not fully scriptural. I can't find what he wrote me but it was something to the tune of that if my 'carnal mind" (a term I saw he used to address others as well) doesn't change I'll go down the the titanic of lies I'm telling myself...but it was worse than that..only a sick person could have thought of it.

Anonymous said...

ask the Benson family from the cult,what happened to Jason Benson? mark, Paul, where is your brother?? you write horrible things about your father which are untrue. Their father was an amazing man and because your Mother was in a cult, you justify the murder of your father. religion doesn't condemn, it lifts you up. victor has created a bunch of lemmings.

Unknown said...

victor an paul, told me I do not love GOD, that I only think I do. victor told me that my eye cancer an my wives mercury poisoning, I a punishment from god.. or a way for me to wake up. then we sad words, an he washed his feet of me, an said a lot more punishments on me. hmmmmm a prophet of Jesus, would Jesus, throw me to the wolves, nope he showed who the wolves were.. victor an his sidekick paul..

Unknown said...

I would love to comment, about victor the false prophet an his sidekick paul.. I found their website online, searching about God. I emailed them, an told them I love God, but am unsure on which way to turn, on religion. first they told me, I do not love God, an my cancer an my wifes mercury poisoning was a punishment for our sinful ways. I never met or heard from them before this email, an they seem to be arrogant dim wits, I do not think Jesus would have treated me that way

Anonymous said...

Absolutely repulsive people Cohen and Haffichuck,sounds like they are very embittered towards the true gospel.
Expose them for their fruitless works of darkness i say.
Yours in Christ Richard Diplacito.

Anonymous said...

i happen to find them online by mistake; i don,t get it what they preach that everyone wille eventually beif saved and if you disagre with him victor or paul you are done. if you email him you gotta include his sidekick paul cohen or he will let you know. they did kick me out of their forum and ban me permanently. you can speak to anyone with a pastor on any beleifs and they won,t judge you or say you are a fool. or he says go your own way; go find your man of god.i don,t think he is a christian with that attitude and judgment. a cult is someone who thinks he has it all and all the others are false teachers. they blocked me out and its okay. i think he is self ritheous too proud to admit he be wrong

Allen said...

I realize this is an old thread, but those 2 are still around. I was ALSO banned from their online forum, and one of their final messages to me was this:

"In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, beat it, you cursed fool! We're not here to entertain idiots. Burn in Hell now!"

The most vicious, hateful, merciless people I've ever met, and it won't surprise me if they are both demon possessed. PLEASE don't be fooled by their constant Bible quoting and knowledge of Scripture. They are reprobate devils.

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: December 2017 NUTJOB ALERT!!! Victor Hafichuk now claims to be that prophet like Moses (Deut 18:18-19) Reject him under penalty of death!

Anonymous said...

It has gotten pretty silent around Hafichcuk. His sidekick Cohen has been fired when he was found fooling around with one of Hafichucks mistresses. Without permission from the boss, to be clear. The boss now tries his luck making music. i think we can write them off.

Anonymous said...

It is very weird looking at comments made by Paul, Ingrid and Sara and now realize every last one of them is gone.