Friday, January 13, 2012

An interesting notion

Eric Carpenter makes an interesting observation in his brief post: Communion and Fellowship. Eric says:
I find it terribly ironic that most churches do not celebrate Communion in their Fellowship Halls. Instead, the sanctuary/worship center is the place.

The irony is that the words "communion" and "fellowship" are nearly synonymous. Additionally, most times in life a supper is held in a room for eating. In light of this, a room designed from free-flowing fellowship and robust eating seems like a perfect spot for Communion.
I have wondered that as well. Can you imagine in many churches if the pastor said "We are going to observe the Lord's Supper but this time we are going to move to the fellowship hall and share a meal together"? I think a lot of people would be confused. I think many would be upset. Our cultural understanding is that sharing a meal in fellowship with the church is something completely separate from observing the Lord's Supper even though it certainly appears that they were one and the same in Scripture. It seems so odd to me that churches have a hall set aside for occasional fellowship but don't use it for the fellowship of the Table. I can think of no better way to enjoy community fellowship than around a shared meal. It is high time to get the Lord's Supper out of the pews and back around tables where it belongs!

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