Sunday, January 15, 2012

The College of Cardinals hath spoken!

White smoke has been seen pouring from the chimney of a ranch in Texas!

The annoucement ringeth forth across the land. The evangelical Cardinals have met and they annointeth Rick Santorum as THE Christian candidate. All faithful followers are to immediately throw their support (and money!) to Santorum....
TRENDING: Christian conservative leaders vote to support Santorum

A meeting of Christian conservative leaders resulted in the group backing GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins announced Saturday.

The group heard pitches from surrogates for Republican candidates on Friday, and voted to support Santorum after voting on Saturday.

"After three rounds of balloting this morning, and vigorous and passionate discussion, there emerged a strong consensus around Rick Santorum as the preferred candidate for this group," Perkins said on a conference call Saturday.
Reformation? What Reformation?! We are trying to "take back America" here people! We must defeat Obama's "War On Religion"! The Gospel can wait and the lazy poor people can feed themselves. Widows can send me a friend request on Facebook. Orphans? Well the state can take care of them. What? No I don't see the irony in that statement. What do you mean?

Remember. after you drop your check in the offering plate this morning, run home (after brunch of course) and make a donation to the Santorum campaign so we can elect a Christian candidate who will wink at the assassination of foreign citizens and invade Iran within hours of taking office!

A few words from Dave Black are appropriate this morning...
It matters little to me that some Magisterium in Texas has anointed Santorum or that the evangelical subculture prizes conformity above all else. Allegiance to any human institution or political party is not faith. It is misplaced faith.
Yet we wonder why we have so little Gospel impact on the world. Maybe because we are focused on the wrong things?

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Henry Neufeld said...

Maybe because we are focused on the wrong things?

You just might have something there. :-)