Monday, January 30, 2012

The curtain drawn back on mormonism

An unusually candid interview with a mormon leader shows just how tenuous a grip their leaders really have: The Fo-Mo Chronicles: The truth will set you free. People are fleeing in droves. Are we ready with an answer for the truth that is within us? Leaving mormonism for atheism doesn't change that person's eternal destination. We must be willing to comfort and confront in love those who have been freed from this cult and all other cults. The Gospel demands nothing less.

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MikeSnow said...

Yes,amen. It's not just about getting them to see the truth about Mormonism, but, mainly, about seeing THE Truth.

Resources on Mormonism
This video, an hour long, tells the story about Joseph Smith and the origin of one of the Mormon's Scriptures, The Book Of Abraham, found in The Pearl of Great Price. This video shows conclusively that Joseph Smith was a fraud when he claimed the ability to translate Egyptian.

One needs that background to fully understand it. But here are some short videos the condense it down to the essence, less than 3 minutes each.