Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If I may be indulged

Voddie Baucham, one of my favorite authors and speakers on most topics, has penned an excellent essay explaining why he supports Ron Paul: Why Ron Paul? . What I appreciate is that he approaches the issues with his eyes open and he especially looks at it the idea of Israel in some detail, recognizing that much of American evangelical support for Israel is "...a sort of misplaced Dispensationalism that governs people’s sentimental attitude toward Israel." Anyway. I try to avoid political talk on these hallowed pages but this is an interesting take from a respected Christian leader and while I disagree with some of his points, I wish more Christians would look at the upcoming election a little more carefully.

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Brian R. said...

Hi, Arthur. I liked Voddie's article on Paul. And since I've come to value your take on political topics, I'm curious: What did you disagree with?

Enjoy your blog. Thanks.