Sunday, July 05, 2009

Interesting quote

I came across this quote from an entry on Dave Black's blog on Monday, June 29th. It is a quote from the autobiography of George Muller, a Christian from the 1800's who cared for some 10,000 orphans in his lifetime and was one of the founders of the Open Brethren movement of the Plymouth Brethren.

The renting of pews is also a snare to the servant of God. Fear of offending those who pay his salary has kept many ministers from preaching the uncompromising Word of God.

For these reasons, I told the brethren that at the end of October, 1830, I would give up my regular salary. After I had given my reasons for doing so, I read Philippians 4. If the saints wanted to give something toward my support by voluntary gifts, I had no objection to receiving it either in money or provisions....

My wife and I had the grace to take the Lord's commandment literally, "Sell that ye have, and give alms." We never regretted taking that step. God blessed us abundantly as He taught us to trust in Him alone. When we were down to our last few shillings, we told Him about our needs and depended on Him to provide. He never failed us.

This is not some crackpot but a man who by word and deed showed a deep and abiding love of Christ. What a powerful testimony of faith to freely preach what we have freely received!

I put the autobiography of George Muller in my cart at Amazon, I am almost at enough reward points to get another gift card.


Dusty Chris said...

Muller is the genuine article. What I have read about him gives me goose bumps...very moving. His faith was incredible.

gloria said...

I have been wanting to pick up a bio on Mueller for some time.. His life's work speaks volumes about his love for Jesus..... and the love for the fatherless... it touches me deeply since 5 of my children are adopted and were once orphans. ~ gloria

Arthur Sido said...

gloria, the bio at Amazon is pretty cheap, under $10.