Saturday, June 26, 2010

Best of the week entry 5

Comes from Team Pyro and addresses the folks at BioLogos and their attempt to straddle the road by claiming to be faithful to Scripture while at the same time craving the acceptance of the unbelieving world. The wonderfully named post, Middle of the Road: R.I.P. Kermit, is biting and sarcastic but the point is very valid. The folks who deny the creation account in an ill-fated desire to bridge the alleged gap between science and Christianity don't seem to realize that there is not a middle position at all. The only compromise the unbelieving world will accept is total unbelief.

In short, I don't apologize for saying that the worldview BioLogos promotes is a challenge to—and by no means an affirmation of—the authentic, biblical, and historic Christian faith.

I'm certain that fact will become more and more obvious the more material BioLogos publishes. But for those still in doubt, here's a simple test: Apply their Genesis hermeneutic consistently to the bodily resurrection of Christ (or the deity of Christ, for that matter), and see what you come up with. Then ask how reasonable it is to accord the BioLogos worldview the right hand of Christian fellowship.

That is exactly right. I often disagree with the Pyro folks on certain issues but the hard truth is that if you apply the same "science first, Bible second" faulty standard to any of the miracles in the Bible that you do the Creation account you will find an emasculated Gospel that is nothing more than a quaint and irrelevant morality tale. If we want to explain away the Creation account we might as well chuck the flood, the Exodus, all of the miracles of the Old Testament, the virgin birth, all of the miracles of Christ and finally the Resurrection. If you get rid of all of that, what is the point? We don't need to be saved and we can't be saved by a Jesus who was just a regular guy.

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Tim Aagard said...

This warped approach to the Genesis account is so very common. I would say that 90% of colleges and universities that call themselves Christian teach the Bible with evolutionary science as it's base. They are sucked in to the world system.