Friday, August 27, 2004

A few new twists on the Kerry versus the Swift Boat Veterans issue. Fox News reports that Rear Admiral William Schachte Jr. (USN, Ret.) has finally broken his silence. Schachte was Kerry's commander during the time he got his first faux Purple Heart. According to Schachte, Kerry a) was not wounded by enemy fire, b) was not even being fired upon and c) inflicted the wound himself that he was awarded the Purple Heart for. This is even better from Schachte's superior officer...

Schachte's former superior Grant Hibbard said he told Kerry to "forget it" when Kerry came to him the day after the incident and asked for a Purple Heart.

This keeps looking worse and worse for a campaign predicated on Kerry being a war hero.

On the Wall Street Journal's, the featured editorial is a very concise statement from John O'Neill of the Swift Boat Vets that puts to rest the notion of the 527 group as a Republican front. As O'Neill says, he is backed up by individual donations not George Soros and his millions of dollars, and they would not cease pointing out Kerry's lies even if President Bush asked them specifically by name to do so. Kerry, as he puts it, applied for the job as Commander-in-Chief based in large part on his service record, so those who know them to be exaggerated if not outright false have a right and a duty to speak up.

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