Monday, February 02, 2015

Mutilation Is Not Transition

This is such a weird story in our generally bizarre and perverse pop culture but it for some reason struck a nerve with me. I saw the story on the cover of People magazine the other day and the celebrity news rags have been awash ever since with the news that former Gold Medal winning decathlete Bruce Jenner is "transitioning" into a "woman"....

His changing look has been a much-buzzed-about topic for months, and now PEOPLE has confirmed that Bruce Jenner has been quietly making a very personal change. The former Olympian will soon be living life as female.

"Bruce is transitioning to a woman," says a source close to the family. "He is finally happy and his family is accepting of what he's doing. He's in such a great space. That's why it's the perfect time to do something like this."

And according to a different Jenner insider, the 65-year-old reality star is filming his momentous journey, to be shared with viewers on a docu-series this year. "It will air when he is ready to be open about his transition," the source tells PEOPLE. "But he's acting more and more confident and seems very happy."

Allow me to cut through the politically correct, insane Hollywood mumbo jumbo. He is not "transitioning", he is defacing his heritage as an image bearer of God even if he refuses to acknowledge Him as God. He is mutilating himself in the same way as someone who cuts themselves. This is not something to celebrate, this is something to be broken hearted over. This is not just "a choice", it is a mental illness that is being turned into a show of "bravery".

I don't know why this bothers me. It is so over the top ludicrous and yet it is so completely expected from the world of celebrity narcissism. Perhaps because Jenner was, if not a hero, at least a respected figure when I was pretty young. He was on the Wheaties box for crying out loud and yet here we are nearly 40 years later hearing about Bruce Jenner for his illness that is publicly celebrated. A man does not "transition" into a woman. You can't become a woman through the wearing of make-up or women's clothing or even surgery to mutilate and vandalize your flesh. That I even feel the need to point this out speaks volumes. 

Pray for Bruce Jenner. Pray for his family and friends who encourage this deviancy. Pray for all those who are less publicly drawn to defacement and defilement of their very identity. 

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