Friday, February 13, 2015

A Must Read! (Book Review)

Eric Carpenter posted his review of Preston Sprinkle's book, Fight, and it is a book and a review you ought to read:A Pilgrim's Progress: A Must Read!. I read Fight about a year ago and posted my review here. Here is what I wrote in part:

Unlike many modern advocates of non-violence, Sprinkle has a largely orthodox set of beliefs. He recognizes the reality of hell (he co-authored the book Erasing Hell with Francis Chan, see my review here) and speaks without apology of God's wrath. I fear that it is too easy to dismiss many writers as leftist cranks without genuine interaction with their concerns. Unfortunately a lot of the literature on non-violence is muddied by authors who subscribe to heterodox positions like open theism. This makes their argument convenient to dismiss out of hand. After all if someone can get those kinds of issues wrong why would anyone give credence to much more complex questions.

This is a powerful book and a desperately needed book for a church that prides ourselves on being "biblical" while ignoring what the Bible teaches on one of the most important topics for the church. Give Eric's review a look, perhaps read mine but definitely read Fight.

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