Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Some Tuesday Linkage

A couple of links for your interweb pleasure....

At least a broken clock is right twice a day. Paul Krugman? Pretty much never. Unfortunately for him and his enablers in the media that keep treating him like a serious thinker we have this internet thing going on today that makes his consistently wrong ideas part of the permanent record. Case in point from 2011 his essay on the awesome success of the V.A., Vouchers for Veterans. From the man himself:

What Mr. Romney and everyone else should know is that the V.H.A. is a huge policy success story, which offers important lessons for future health reform.

We he is kind of right, it does indeed offer important lessons like what happens when a huge bureaucracy is put in charge of health care. The unfolding disaster that most of the media is very reluctantly reporting on at the VA is warning enough but you can be sure that Paul will skip merrily on to his next asinine topic with the delusional self-assurance of someone who is not out of touch with reality but really has never been in touch with reality in the first place.

Owen Strachan draws attention to the latest error by Rachel Held Evans in his essay Is Rachel Held Evans’s Use of “God Herself” Biblically Faithful?. Ms. Evans consciously describes God using a feminine pronoun in yet another attempt to rewrite Scripture to fit her "Christian feminist" agenda. Ms. Evans long ago abandoned even the pretense of orthodoxy and in my opinion isn't far from walking away from the idea of Christianity in general. It is more troubling that so many Christians seem so enamored with her and her dangerous teaching. 

 Eric Johnson address the scandal of Liberty University inviting an open heretic to speak to their students, Liberty University and the Glenn Beck saga (Part 1). Mormon Coffee was one of my favorite websites back in the cathartic early days of being saved out of mormonism. Eric's daughter just graduated from LU so he has some standing to speak here. I am looking forward to the second half of the series but it is worth your time to check it out.

I am a big advocate of unity in the church, just not false unity based on embracing error as truth. Michael Brown writing at Charisma News takes the next step and openly calls for separation over the recent embrace of homosexual sin by large parts of the church in his post Let the Separation Begin 

 The question of "gay Christianity" is not a minor issue, as it affects our views of the authority of Scripture, the meaning of marriage and sexuality, and the importance of gender distinctions, not to mention having massive implications for the society at large. 

 That's why I welcome the coming separation over this issue. And as painful as the division will be within churches, denominations, ministries and even families, it is absolutely necessary and unavoidable. 

 That doesn't mean that we attack each other or speak and act in ways that would dishonor the Lord. But it does mean that we hold firmly to our convictions before Him, regardless of cost or consequences, knowing that God's ways will be vindicated in the end.

Those who demand that the church walk back thousands of years of understanding related to God ordained human sexuality have made this issue their defining one. Make no mistake, it isn't the dark forces of "fundamentalism" that are causing this disunity. Rather it is the splinter groups who have demanded a radical redefinition of a central teaching of the Bible on one of the most critical human relationships.

Hard to believe this is still a topic but racial "reparations" keep being put forth as some sort of mechanism for justice. Kevin Williamson writing at National Review does a good job of making The Case against Reparations.

I read this a week or so ago, There are some jobs now in manufacturing. Kids just aren’t interested in taking them. I can confirm a lot of this. The idea of there being no decent jobs for young adults without a four year degree is a deeply entrenched one. Truth is there are lots of jobs out there, the issue seems more that employers have a hard time getting reliable people to fill those jobs than hordes of willing workers not being able to find a place. Somewhere along the line we have created a mindset and culture where it is better to not work at all than be asked to work hard at inconvenient hours.


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