Monday, May 26, 2014

Repost: Freedom Doesn't Come At The End Of A Gun

With each year that passes I find Memorial Day and other nationalistic holidays to be more sad and less celebratory.  Sure we get a day off and provide obligatory "thanks for your service" along with pictures of Arlington national cemetery. Is it really something to celebrate though? Untold young Americans died while being sent off by our government to kill other young men in wars that by and large were foolish. There is no official remembrance but there should be for those innocent foreign civilians killed by our armed forces in these wars in places like Hiroshima and Dresden, Iraq and Vietnam. Days like today are mostly a reminder of the foolishness of man and the insatiable appetite for violence by those who seek to gain and keep power by the sword. Call me un-American, call me un-patriotic. Whatever you like. I just won't be celebrating today.


Today is Memorial Day in the United Sates and as a people we are going to be remembering those who died fighting for America.

Let those of us who know and are known by Christ remember that our freedom was not won or preserved by those buried under a field of crosses in Normandy Cemetery in France, as noble and heroic as their sacrifice was. Our freedom was won on a single cross on Calvary. Our declaration of independence is not found on a parchment in Washington, D.C., it is in the words cried out by our Savior "It is finished!"

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. (John 8:36)

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