Thursday, May 29, 2014

I Dislike The "The War On..." Rhetoric But....

Christina Hoff Sommers put out this short video which gets to a serious issue, namely that our public educational system is rapidly becoming more hostile toward boys. This is resulting in an achievement gap that is becoming more acute with each year as women outpace men academically and as a result are forced to take on more responsibility as not only primary care provider for children but also the primary bread winner. Meanwhile the ranks of the unemployed or underemployed young men continues to swell as hordes of them enter adulthood with little in the way of marketable skill and even less in terms of expectation of ever getting ahead. Apathy plus hopelessness plus idle time is a recipe for disaster. A culture with hordes of young men with nothing to look forward to and young women caring for children on their own is one that is unsustainable. Couple that with a debt that is unserviceable and the future of American society is grim and not long from the ash heap of history.


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