Wednesday, January 22, 2014

41 Years Of Shame

Sacrificing children has a long and horrifying history. Throughout the existence of man some cultures have brutalized the most vulnerable members. We rightly look back with horror on such abuse of the innocent, the old, the infirm, women and most of all children. From the pagan worshipers of the Old Testament era who delivered children to be burned to the Holocaust to the intentional killing of civilians by military forces, we are rightly outraged by those who kill for the sake of terror and ideology. At least that used to be the case.

Forty one years ago today, the Supreme Court of the United States decided that a "right" to abortion existed in the United States Constitution, rendering an entire class of people disposable. In an absolutely travesty of tortured reasoning divorced from even a cursory attempt to base their decision in the Constitution, the Justices decided with the stroke of a pen to disenfranchise millions of Americans without due process.

The repercussions of the creation of the "right" to an abortion have been staggering. Around 55 million Americans have been killed by medical professionals, doctors who take an oath to first do no harm. 55 million people who will never get a chance to take their first step, to play in a park, to go to school, to get married.

55,000,000 babies.

The smallest and most vulnerable. The weakest and most dependent. The very people that common decency and human nature should cause us to defend. They are not just some abstract concept. You cannot rightly dehumanize people by reducing them to catch phrases like "choice" or "reproductive freedom" any more than you can dehumanize Jews in Nazi Germany or blacks in the pre-Civil War South by painting them as subhuman no matter how you try. No one deserves to be forced into a gas chamber because they are Jewish. They are human beings. No one deserves to be enslaved because of their skin color. They are human beings. No one deserves to be cut apart in the womb because of their relative size. They are human beings.

Matt Walsh wrote a powerful piece yesterday on the latest feminist flavor of the week, Texas representative Wendy Davis who has made her political fortune by advocating for infanticide. Sure she lied about her touching background story, from trailer park dweller to poster child for infanticide, but that doesn't matter to the forces of "choice". All that matters is that she stood up to The Man and made a spectacle of herself anf in doing so has become an apostle for the death cult of Choice. She even managed to trump Sandra Fluke who only demanded that taxpayers subsidize her promiscuity. Poor Sandra will never get ahead unless she gets on board with abortion advocacy. At the end of Matt's post, Planned Parenthood: still a bigger liar than Wendy Davis, he writes:

So, Wendy Davis lied? Yes, of course she did. She lied about a lot more than her divorce and her stint in a trailer park. She lied the moment she stood up and positioned herself as a champion for women. In reality, she isn’t championing anyone but herself, and she’s stepping on the carcasses of dead infants in the process.

Planned Parenthood has been doing that for decades.

Wendy Davis, you learned from the best.

What do you call a political movement that has as their highest ideal, their one non-negotiable article of faith, the legal right to murder unwanted people? About 70 years ago you called it Nazism but today we have nice, neat clinics with friendly staff and magazines in the waiting room instead of guards, barbed wire and dogs. I guess some would call that “progress”. Is that extremist? Is it lacking nuance? Is it hyperbole? Not at all. If anything it is too mild.

Slavery and abortion are the two great stains on America. We can only hope that the conscience of the American people one day views abortion as an evil at least as bad as the enslavement of a race of people. The little ones who have no legal rights, barred from justice by a thin layer of skin, deserve our strongest efforts. The scourge of infanticide demands our outrage, our prayer and our action. Make a point today to pray for those who work in these clinics. God has powerfully saved many and shown them the truth. Pray for women who are waking up this morning terrified by an unexpected pregnancy. Pray that they will pick up the phone and call a pregnancy resource center rather than an abortuary.  Pray for those who labor on the front lines of this fight for life. We will likely never overturn abortion by he power of Caesar but by God's grace we can overcome abortion one saved child at a time by the weapons He has given us: prayer, faith and our own weakness. Pray for God's forgiveness of the apathy of His people for so long in standing up for life.

Fifty five million slain. God have mercy on us.

(see also today from Al Mohler Abortion and the American Conscience )


Aussie John said...


When any human being is regarded as "surplus to requirements" we will never see an end to violence, whether against a pre-born human,or, an ancient one.

Norm M. said...

Thank you for speaking up for those that have no voice. Our society's brutal treatment of the most helpless among us is beyond barbaric.