Sunday, December 11, 2011

I am not sure which is worse

I read this and wondered.....
Perry backs constitutional change for school prayer

(CNN) - Texas Gov. Rick Perry called Sunday for a constitutional amendment to allow prayer in public schools.

Appearing on "Fox News Sunday," the Republican presidential hopeful went a step further than his previous calls for the Supreme Court to reverse its 1962 decision that banned organized prayer in public schools.

Perry said he would support "a constitutional amendment that would allow our children to pray in school any time that they would like."
Is it worse that Rick Perry thinks that American evangelical voters are such saps that we would be swayed by an empty promise to amend the Constitution of the United States to allow prayer in public schools or that he is probably right?


pastorjason said...

Should we also amend the constitution to grant children the right to breathe any time they want in public school? What I mean is, kids already have the right to pray...and do all the time. What our government has forbidden is the school led or sponsored prayer. I have to tell you, if my children were in public school, I wouldn't want the teacher praying (to who knows who) with my kids. Another issue where the politics of it misses the whole point.

Arthur Sido said...

Jason, exactly.

This is one of those issues that is long on emotion and short on actual thinking. How many teachers are Muslim or mormon or atheists or Buddhists? Should we only hire properly vetted Christians as public school teachers?