Thursday, December 29, 2011

The best prison has no bars

Imagine a prison that needs no guards or fences or gates. A prison where you don't have to worry about prisoners escaping because they don't even realize they are in prison in the first place and they kind of like it anyway. A prison like this exists. It is not in North Korea or China or Iran. It is all around us.

That is the argument being made by Eric Carpenter in a provocative post this morning: The Church Imprisoned. I imagine a lot of people will be offended that Eric compares institutionalized religion to believers in physical prisons around the world. But is a spiritual prison any less confining than a physical one? Give it a read with an open mind. I think he makes some good points....

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Eric said...

Thanks for the link.

In talking with folks who are part of institutional churches I can often see that they have no idea of the prison they are in. In fact, many think that the things they are a part of are great. Of course, when we begin talking about biblical evidence for why they do what they do, the conversations usually go south.