Monday, December 19, 2011

Hell is real and we should take no satisfaction in that

Senator John McCain seems quite pleased at the prospect that the deceased former dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-Il is bound for an eternal hell. From Politico...
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) appears to have no doubt where deceased North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il may have ended up in the afterlife.

“I can only express satisfaction that the Dear Leader is joining the likes of Qaddafi, Bin Laden, Hitler and Stalin in a warm corner of hell,” the Arizona senator – not one to be wishy-washy with his words – said in a statement Monday.
A professed Christian expressing satisfaction that someone is in hell? That is simply grotesque. I am reasonably sure that the individuals Senator McCain mentioned are likely to spend eternity in hell. I am 100% sure that there was (or is) a place right alongside them for John McCain, a place that he will avoid only through the redeeming sacrifice of Christ. Not because he is a Republican or a "war hero". John McCain is not less deserving of hell than Kim Jong-Il or Osama bin Laden and being an enemy of the United States does not make one more deserving of hell than someone who wore the uniform of the U.S.A.

For the first time I am ashamed of my vote for John McCain in 2008.

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